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Protect your data today. Thrive tomorrow.

Do you have the most comprehensive ransomware solution? So you can plan, protect, and recover your data no matter where it lives

You’ve seen the headlines – organizations with their data held hostage and payouts to perpetrators to restore it. With new strains of ransomware and other malware threats on the rise, safeguard your data and reduce cybersecurity risk through our secure backup framework with Zero Trust principles.
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How confident are you in your ransomware protection and recovery capabilities? Take our brief assessment and learn how you can protect, detect and recover from ransomware.

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Ransomware Protection Offerings!

Find solutions that combine product and services, allowing you to tailor your ransomware protection and response coverage from single site immutable storage to multi-cloud and multi-site air gap solutions providing a robust 3-2-1 protection strategy.

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Powerful capabilities to secure your data

Get a solution that is built on Zero Trust Principles and based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework to protect data and quickly recover it in the event of a ransomware attack.

Protect Against Ransomware and Manage Risk

Data security is vital to protect against ransomware. You can address this through a multi-layered protection while receiving hybrid solutions with flexible options for scalability and recoverability. Get protection that includes advanced threat and anomaly detection and help mitigate the impact of threats to your data.

Commvault's industry-leading support of storage platforms ensures consistent recovery processes and provides the most recovery options for all your data and workloads. We provide the best visibility across your data to quickly identify risk exposure and coverage though a unified, single platform, the Commvault Command Center. Don’t be caught with your data exposed with an inferior product. Read more on how leading analyst firms have highlighted Commvault for its innovation and differentiation in ransomware protection and recovery.

A layered approach to ransomware protection and recovery

Security-conscious organizations like yours can trust Commvault on ransomware protection and recovery to get your organization back up and running in hours, not weeks. With our multi-layered security approach and with Zero Trust Principles, we deliver comprehensive data protection so your organization is prepared and ready.

Identify: assess and mitigate risks
Commvault Command CenterTM is a single dashboard to identify risk exposure and coverage status quickly.
  • Complete control over who has access and what they have access to through zero-trust principles.
  • Eliminate accidental or malicious administrator actions by requiring dual authorization to implement changes.
  • Verified authentication support through a broad range of multi-factor authentication (MFA) options.
  • Never worry about backup jobs being interrupted due to automatically updated credentials.

Protect: lock and harder data from changes
Through intuitive dashboards and simplified processes, you can reduce the attack surface and better safeguard your data.
  • Reduce your overall attack surface by isolating networks and data management using multitenancy functionality. 
  • Securely air gap your backup copies to mitigate lateral moving threats.
  • Quickly adopt air-gapped cloud storage through Metallic™ Cloud Storage Service.
  • Immutability with your choice of hardware to protect against changes from within and outside the backup solution.

Monitor: find anomalous threats
Stay up-to-date through easy-to-use dashboards that provide early warning alerts of suspicious and malicious activities.
  • A single interface to easily monitor, manage, protect, and secure your environment. 
  • Actively monitor for abnormal activities for more significant insights, alerting, and faster response. 
  • Fastest detection of ransomware and other suspicious activities.
  • Track user accountability by monitoring all resources and activities.

Respond: analyze data and perform orchestrated actions
Ensure you have clean backup copies to avoid business interruptions and minimize risk.
  • Automatically isolate suspected files to minimize ransomware spread and for further investigation.
  • Prevent backup copies from retiring by automatically retain the last known good copy.
  • Comprehensive reporting and alerting through integration with industry-leading monitoring tools for greater security coverage.
  • Add your custom applications to Commvault’s list of validated applications for greater security.

Recover: restore clean data quickly
Ensures consistent recovery processes across all data and workloads to restore on-premises, in the cloud, or wherever the data is needed.
  • Avoid ransomware file reinfections by surgically deleting suspicious or unnecessary files.
  • Recover without cloud limitations with cross-cloud and cross-hypervisor flexibility to recover workloads seamlessly. 
  • Automate your recoveries with streamlined recovery operations through machine-learning and orchestrated workflows.
  • Ensure clean file recoveries by quickly isolating suspected backup copies or restore to a safe location.
If we had not already converted to Commvault, we probably would have been weeks trying to get everything back. We were able to do it in 12 hours.
Steve Davidek, Information Technology Manager, City of Sparks

Anomaly Detection: Your eyes for keeping your data safe

Keeping your data safe and minimizing business disruption is an essential part of the Commvault solution. Learn how to combat ransomware with anomaly detection.
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Commvault detected this ransomware really before any of my tool suites because of the way it came into our organization.
David McCurdy, Chief Technology Officer, State of Colorado
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