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Provide Strong Leadership During COVID-19 Disruption

Gartner confirms - Hard choices need to be made, never more so than during a crisis. Keep those choices, or priorities, hyperclear!

Leaders: Be honest, empathetic, clear and simple


4 Actions to Be a Strong Leader During COVID-19 Disruption


Where executives focus during times of disruption and upheaval will define them as leaders.

COVID-19 is causing a humanitarian crisis of global proportions, with hundreds of thousands of lives disrupted. Sadly, we’re not nearing the end of the crisis.

In my day-to-day, I work with executive leaders and their teams on preparing for enterprise transformation. It’s no surprise that I’ve been musing for a while on what makes a great leader. In recent days, I’ve observed how COVID-19 is a test case for good and bad leadership. In my opinion, the leader’s primary responsibility is to keep the team safe, cohesive and productive. But what should a leader be focused on in the midst of a global disruption?

Leaders at any level can take four specific actions. These actions aren’t the only ones, but some of them might be missed in the rush to create an effective response.

No. 1: Create a central and clear list of priorities

No. 2: Pursue a nonbinary approach to problem-solving

No. 3: Be honest, empathetic, clear and simple

No. 4: Write down the stories

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