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Should Your Government Agency Serve Constituents With Technical Automation or Human Interaction? You Need Both …

Oracle Permitting and Licensing is unique. We made strategic, intentional choices in the design and development of our cloud-native solution. In this blog series, we’ll explore a few of the most important parts of the product, what we do differently and why it matters.

Serving constituents today

Providing delightful, efficient government services today is a challenge. Constituent expectations are very high, and agencies are working to meet a broader set of demands under increasing pressures. Meanwhile, technology is changing at a pace that is hard to fathom.

For planning, permitting, and licensing departments, that challenge is made more intense by:

  • Working with applications or projects that are often complex and unique
  • Operating in a highly regulated environment
  • Being responsible for public health and safety
  • Working through heavy manual processes or with old and outdated systems

With all that, it’s clear that government agencies need modern, flexible solutions that can quickly adapt to a changing regulatory environment.

Oracle’s unique approach to helping you serve constituents

We recognize that to serve your constituents well, you need to leverage technology automation and high-value human interaction at strategic points in the process.

As you might expect, there are many ways that Oracle Permitting and Licensing uses technology to automate and streamline complex work. For example:

  • An integrated fee calculator and guided permit wizard that helps unfamiliar users figure out which applications they need to apply for
  • A 24x7 digital assistant integrated into the online portal to answer common questions
  • A robust workflow tool that automates and streamlines reviews and approvals
  • Role-specific worklists that display staff assignments and can be personalized to their unique view and organization

What you might not expect, however, is that we’ve been equally thoughtful about how
our solution can help your highest-value resource – your knowledgeable staff – to speak directly with constituents. For example:

  1. Pre-application capabilities for online request, scheduling and management of meetings between applicants and agency staff.  We know that one of the most complex and least predictable areas is knowing how to proceed when a development project is taking place. Which entitlement applications are required? Is the developer ready to submit or is more work required? Should the agency track this as a project?

This complexity and variability mean that it’s often most efficient for your planning department to have a live conversation with the constituent before lots of forms and documents get submitted into the system. By engaging early on, constituents benefit from your expertise, guidance, and ability to navigate the complexities of zoning regulations.

To promote communication and collaboration, we designed the Pre-application functionality to help you:

  • gather just the right amount of information that you would like to collect upfront
  • schedule a live meeting to talk directly with the constituent
  • and track the outcome of the meeting (tasks to be completed and the application forms to submit when they are ready to proceed)

Of course, we also provide handy, one-click links to start those required entitlement application forms when the constituent is ready, which automatically pulls in relevant data from the pre-application form to avoid duplicate entries.

  1. Business Consultation features to streamline licensing submission and review processes.
    Working with business owners and entrepreneurs as they create revenue-generating ventures in your community can be an equally complicated process. They need to understand your jurisdiction’s requirements and resources to submit the right forms and use your staff’s time efficiently. Agencies may want to provide one-on-one consultation to guide constituents through the process, especially for larger enterprises that require zoning clearance before operating approval. Others may want to offer pre-scheduled sessions that individuals can attend to learn the process and network with their peers.
Our Business Licensing module is built so you have the flexibility to offer agency-defined business consultations. The Business Consultation functionality allows you to:

  • meet with your constituents to understand their business plans,
  • gather preliminary information about their business,
  • schedule one-on-one meetings or offer pre-scheduled sessions, and
  • track the outcome for the constituent (tasks to be completed and the application forms to submit when they are ready to proceed).

And again, with one-click links, your constituents can start their licensing applications when they are ready, automatically pulling in relevant data from their business consultation form.

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Modern cloud technology solutions can help public-sector organizations overcome many of the challenges they face. By migrating to the cloud with Oracle Permitting and Licensing, organizations can embrace innovation and push the limits of what their employees and constituents have come to expect from their government. Oracle is excited to be able to partner with government organizations on their journey to the cloud, and you can discover more about our Permitting and Licensing product here.
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