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Streamline Telework Agreement Processes with the Kiefer Telework App

Now available. An app built on Microsoft 365 to streamline the telework agreement process.

Kiefer’s team of Modern Workplace consultants are experienced business analysts that work collaboratively with clients to help customers solve business challenges and improve processes. The Telework App is just one example of what Kiefer can build using Microsoft PowerApps.

Last year, as organizations began to experiment with hybrid work options, many struggled with being able to manage the remote workforce. In many cases, organizations were unclear on who was working on-site, who was off-site, when users would be logging in, and when users would be logging off. To establish some guidelines for remote work, many organizations in both the public and private sector created telework agreements and policies.

The Kiefer Telework App is a workflow automation framework built within Microsoft PowerApps

Kiefer consultants recognized these challenges and built a framework that could be used to improve the process of managing telework. The Telework App was designed to collect data and leverage Azure Active Directory (AD)to populate forms, like STD 200, the form that is required from State of California employees that will be working remotely. Azure AD fills in critical employee related information, and the employee can fill out specifics related to their work preferences. The form is then automatically routed to the employee’s supervisor for approval.

  • Streamline the completion of the Telework Agreement (STD 200) using an app, on any device
  • Ensure telework agreement and acknowledgements are complete and accurate by prepopulating the form by connecting to enterprise systems
  • Leverage electronic signatures using Adobe Sign
  • Maximize a departments investment in Microsoft 365 (M365) by using multiple M365 applications
  • Enable users to quicky and easily submit or update their Telework Agreement
  • Ability to extract meaningful data from Telework Agreements
  • Users can quickly designate work style preference in the app. The app takes all of the users data and populates the necessary forms and routes the forms for approval and signature

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Kiefer Consulting
Since the data is collected using the app, organizations have better visibility to telework data, statistics, trends, office capacity, and more. The app also helps to ensure compliance with state’s telework policy. This information can be used to build intuitive dashboards that can offer real-time reporting.

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Kiefer Consulting
The Telework App is just one example of how PowerApps can take a critical process and remove a lot of complexity. This enables your organization to focus on the data. Any process that requires data collection, routing, approval, and electronic signatures can be simplified with tools like Microsoft PowerApps.

If your organization is looking to learn more about workplace modernization and workflow optimization and automation, contact us to see a PowerApps demo. If the Telework App interests you and you’d like to learn more, check out the App Showcase. If you’d like to see a demo of the Telework App, let us know.
Kiefer Consulting is a distinguished Microsoft Gold Partner, who works closely with their customers to transform and optimize business processes through seamless technical solutions.