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Symantec Endpoint Security Webinar: Hunt Down and Stop Stealthy Attacks

SOC teams often lack context to identify clues that may reveal a critical attack unfolding in their environments.

Join us on March 18th at 11am PT for a webinar led by Symantec Technical Director Vikram Thakur. 

Vikram will talk about how Symantec’s Threat Hunter Team utilizes in-house analytics to assist SOCs in contextualizing and responding to such attacks.  

Through the discussion, you will:

  • Learn more about the types of analytics that are critical for making sense of alerts and incidents emerging from your network
  • Find out how data is evaluated in the greater context of your vertical or geolocation to expose more and improve the quality of your threat research
  • Discover how threat hunters assess and notify you with enriched incident details
  • Listen to examples of how the Symantec Threat Hunter feature has helped enterprises to expose and put a stop to evolving attacks.
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