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Trinity Technology Grp & Snowflake Partner: Offer Cloud-Built Data WHS Svc

“The sooner an organization employs the benefits of the cloud, the sooner it can unify its data into a system that supports all users and workloads.”

Sacramento, CA, July 26, 2019: Trinity Technology Group, Inc. (TrinityTG), a leader in innovative technology solutions for government, today announced a beneficial partnership with Northern California-based Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud. Snowflake is the market leader in delivering data-warehousing-as-a-service, enabling organizations the simplicity of being data-driven and focused on deriving insight from data – instead of configuring, tuning, and managing a warehouse.

“Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse offers data-driven enterprises the flexibility of big data platforms with the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions,” said Christopher Worley, COO of Trinity Technology Group. “The sooner an organization employs the unique benefits of the cloud, the sooner it can bring its data together in a unified system that supports all users and workloads – breaking down the cost and complexity barriers associated with existing solutions, while allowing the use of tools, skills, and people already in place.”

Snowflake’s cloud-build data warehouse has a unique multi-cluster shared-data architecture that physically separates storage and compute, taking full advantage of the flexibility of cloud infrastructure and making it possible to:

● Bring all your data together in one place for analysis
● Allow all your analysts, applications — or even your clients and stakeholders — shared, secure access to data without contention or the need to move or copy data
● Focus on analyzing your data without worrying about hardware, software, or database tuning
● Utilize the SQL skills you already have and leverage your existing ecosystem of tools — from ETL to business intelligence and more

Snowflake’s architecture also empowers users with unlimited concurrency, which supports any scale of storage, compute, and users – and can adjust the computation up or down on the fly – even automatically – without disruption or data redistribution.

The data warehouse built for the cloud also automatically optimizes the storage and processing of structured and semi-structured data in a single system. Organizations can directly load semistructured data such as JSON or Avro without transformation or a mandatory fixed schema, or query that data using SQL, even combining structured and semi-structured data in a single query.

“Trinity is highly regarded when it comes to providing technology solutions for government and that experience marries well with Snowflake’s offering across cloud data warehousing, secure data sharing, and analytics,” Zach Oxman, SLED West Sales Director at Snowflake said. “We’re excited about this partnership and the possibilities it enables for the government agencies that use Trinity and Snowflake.”

To get up-and-running as quickly as possible with data warehousing as a service, TrinityTG has created its Snowflake FastStart program. This program gives you onsite access to data warehouse and data visualization experts so you can get the most out of this new investment in just 90 days or less.

Plus, for our Public Sector partners, Snowflake FastStart services can be procured through CMAS, Small-Business Set Aside, and the Software Licensing Program (SLP). We will be happy sit down to discuss your needs and identify the procurement strategy that works best for your long-term business intelligence and data analytics goals.

About Trinity Technology Group (TrinityTG): TrinityTG is a California-based IT consulting firm delivering end-to-end solutions that solve real business problems for Justice & Public Safety, Health & Human Services, Natural Resources & Energy, and Government Operations. TrinityTG is an employee-centric firm with consultants who are full-time, ongoing employees that are fully committed to the long-term success of our clients.

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