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Webinar: UC Davis Advances Cardiac Drug Research with Oracle Cloud

Register to attend a Dec. 8th webinar on how high-speed computing from Oracle is transforming pharmaceutical research at UC Davis.

Cardiotoxicity. It’s a terrible-sounding word for an equally terrible circumstance: it describes when a drug to cure one ailment also does harm to a patient’s heart.  Cardiotoxicity is a serious and expensive problem for the pharmaceutical industry; nearly 10% of drugs in the past four decades have been pulled from the worldwide clinical market due to cardiovascular concerns.  It’s also a serious problem for doctors and patients, who must balance the need for a cure with the risk of heart problems.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, are working with Oracle for Research to develop an in silico (computer)  model to better understand and predict the likelihood of pharmaceutical compounds to cause heart pattern disturbances, known as arrhythmias. Using fast, enterprise-scale computing, researchers can mimic drug interactions with the human body, safely.

Learn how high-speed computing from Oracle can transform medical research. Register to attend the second in a series of webinars with Internet2 “Combating Drug-Induced Cardiotoxicity with UC Davis and Oracle Cloud” that will demonstrate how OCI virtual machines, bare metal GPU and ultra-fast HPC networking help UC Davis researchers accelerate their tissue modeling and other computer-intensive activities.

Register for Dec. 8th webinar.

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Listen to  the on-demand webinar on Oracle high performance computing, with Internet2.

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