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What Do Top-performing Government Websites Have in Common?

Top-performing websites combine simple and engaging custom visual design, easy navigation, plain language writing, smooth interactions, website-optimized branding, and high-quality graphics.

SymSoft’s award-winning user experience team reviewed more than 300 U.S. and international government websites, and here is the summary of findings:

  1. Top 10 performing government websites in 2021 include,,,,,,,,, and
  2. Top-performing websites combine best practices such as simple design, clear affordances, easy navigation, engaging visual design, plain language writing, smooth interactions, custom design, website-optimized branding, and high-quality graphics.
  3. Websites that earned poor ratings prioritized the content about their organization instead of user-centered information, featured automatically advancing photo carousels, missed breadcrumbs and the current page signals, tried to provide more than one content topic on most of the pages, featured generic and poor quality photography, illustrations, and icons.
  4. To improve your website user experience, regularly review website analytics, learn how people use the website, improve page loading speed, rewrite high-profile pages, develop an accessible design system.

Becoming a top-rated government website that meets constituents’ needs is achievable by following a simple guide. Please visit the links below to learn more about how to accomplish user experience excellence:

  1. What are the areas you should improve?
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  3. User experience best practices
  4. What to avoid in the website UX
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