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What Does Workforce Management Have to Do with a Crisis? Everything.

Whatever the size or nature of a crisis, state and local governments should be well-equipped.

State and local governments must be prepared to manage their workforce in a crisis. Learn how UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) solutions deliver valuable workforce management support, from labor tracking and reporting to teleworking and cloud services that make governments more agile.

The coronavirus pandemic has reinforced how critical it is that state and local governments are ready to handle the work disruption that comes with any crisis or disaster ― natural or manmade. Tracking the time and leave of essential and nonessential workers during a crisis is vitally important.

Learn how UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) is helping organizations by reading this industry brief.

  • Track and report on labor used for emergency response programs, including FEMA, grants, and project work
  • Complete labor transfers as employees fill in at different agencies
  • Optimize staffing levels through analytics and monitor salaries and wages
  • Track time of employees telecommuting or working in the field
  • Effectively manage leave policies and maintain compliance with all regulations
  • Manage attestation of employees confirming they are not ill and contact tracing if a worker is exposed to illness
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