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Why Government Website UX Matters?

Multiple case studies (provided below) demonstrate that better User Experience leads to better digital transaction completion rates. Great UX help constituents complete what they need fast and at their convenience.

User experience as a concept has been around since the 1990s, but only in the last decade has it entered mainstream conversations and crossed from the technology sector into the business world. The private sector pays attention to user experience because it directly affects customer and brand experience, which ultimately impacts consumer spending.

Government websites can benefit from optimized user experience as well. As we shared before in our guide on government website performance best practices, by approaching the digital transformation project with the business mindset, the award-winning GOV.UK website saved £61.5 million ($85.9 million) in 2015. The UK government focused on streamlining digital transactions in order to help users accomplish as many digital transactions as possible online, instead of visiting offices and filling out paper forms.

Replacing paper forms with web forms is the first step in digital transformation. The next step is providing access to content and services on a range of devices, form factors, and assistive technologies. But in order to improve digital service adoption in a country, state, county, or city, government websites must provide quick access to the information the user needs, open up the content to all levels of literacy, education and expertise, and make it easy to use, accomplish tasks, bookmark and share.

A few examples of digital services that benefit from improved user experience include:

  1. Power outage or wildfire reporting.
  2. Discount or equity program application.
  3. Application for school or college.
  4. Public transportation ticket purchase.
  5. Climate change incentive registration and renewal.

Follow this link to learn how to convince your organization with examples of UX successes and failures.

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