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Why Hire an IT Consultant When We Can Just Do It Ourselves?

For 34 years, Kiefer Consulting has proven that working with a quality team of consultants yields desirable results.


Independence. It’s as American and baseball and apple pie. Independence is the driving force behind all the legendary stories of the nation’s birth and its westward expansion. The rugged individual going it alone looms large in the mythos of Americana. But when you look closely, even the tallest tales often stand on the shoulders of teamwork. While individual success stories are great for retelling, success is far more commonly found when people work together.


The reason we work well in team settings is because we’re capable of recognizing our own strengths as well as our own limitations. Capable being the operative word. We’ve all thought to ourselves, “I can do this myself; I don’t need any help.” Sometimes we’re right. Sometimes we’re disastrously wrong. And that’s why consultants exist.


If you think about it, you use consultants all the time, they may just go by another title. Can’t find a particular tool for a specialized job? Ask the expert at the hardware store. Want to go all Clark Griswold and put in a swimming pool? You could just start digging a hole or you could talk to a contractor. Need to replace a mass air flow sensor buried deep in an unreachable part of your car engine? You could spend your weekend watching YouTube videos and taking your engine apart. But it depends how much your time is worth to you.


Kiefer Consulting is comprised of a team people who are experts in Microsoft technologies and whose job it is to save you or your organization hassle, headaches, money and time. Is Kiefer motivated by being profitable? Yes, of course, but the only way we can do that by being thoughtful listeners, by being honest in everything we do, and by providing solutions that meet our clients’ needs.


Consultants cost money but so does doing a critical project incorrectly. Consultants cost money but they also save time. Consultants cost money but, like we do here at Kiefer, they also train your team to be experts themselves by taking the time to impart knowledge and deliver ongoing training.  


There are some things that set Kiefer consultants apart, however. First, we never go it alone. To the core of everyone in our company, we know a team-based approach to any problem always yields better results. As much as we may love stories about individual heroics, we know that by combining our collective strengths we bring more value to our clients.  


Second, we listen. We listen first and talk later. And when we talk, we sometimes tell clients things they didn’t expect to hear or didn’t want to hear. Our job isn’t to take what our clients say and simply carry it out. No, our job is to advise, to plan, and to work in unison with clients to craft a solution that is based on client input but also on our combined decades of experience delivering exceptional IT solutions. We are the experts, and our mission is to share that expertise with you so your organization can thrive and prosper.  


Third, we care. We only hire people who are invested in our principal philosophy, that being Kiefer only succeeds when our customers do. We’re not going to send you one person to fill a chair for six months or a year. We’re instead going to send our team to work together with your team to create something meaningful, useful and long-lasting. And because we care we may choose not to work with you. If we can’t provide you with the best possible solution, then we’re not going to take your business.  


Consultants are a part of everyday life – from asking the server what his or her favorite menu item is to NASA asking a company to build highly-specialized rocket components they can’t build it themselves. We all benefit from expertise. So, if you reach a point where you decide that maybe you can’t do it yourselves after all, reach out to Kiefer. If we can help you, you’ll get the best kind of consultants there are – those who know the value of listening, those who work as a team, and those who, above all things, put honesty first.

Kiefer Consulting is a distinguished Microsoft Gold Partner, who works closely with their customers to transform and optimize business processes through seamless technical solutions.