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Why Users Hate SharePoint

Kiefer Consulting built our reputation as a “SharePoint Shop”. We have encountered both SharePoint advocates and SharePoint “haters”. The wide range opinions about SharePoint are oftentimes influenced by implementation.

Good implementations of SharePoint connect users to information in the flow of work. But what we often encounter is poorly configured instances of SharePoint and untrained users. There really is no surprise that there is a segment of SharePoint users that are not raving fans.

If organizations fail to give thought to Information Architecture (IA) and governance, SharePoint will fall short. We see this as being one of the most important considerations when deploying SharePoint.

Information Architecture and Governance

How SharePoint is configured will determine whether the user experience with SharePoint is a good one or a bad one. We advocate for taking the time to build out the IA, determining content types, and helping clients understand best practices (search, metadata, etc.). This is an important first step, because user adoption is key when rolling our SharePoint as an enterprise solution.

Another priority is governance. Clearly articulating how SharePoint will be used, establishing permissions, and creating policies is an important step in deploying SharePoint. This is a Planning phase activity, but governance related tasks roll into the Execution and Deployment phases of most of our SharePoint projects.

Alternatives to SharePoint

In many engagements, we must explain why SharePoint is the best solution for collaboration and document management. We have published many blogs, infographics, and eBooks to outline the benefits of using SharePoint.

We are sometimes asked to compare SharePoint to other products. We are firm in our belief that organizations that are using Microsoft 365 should be using SharePoint. SharePoint’s integration with other applications in Microsoft 365 make it the most practical enterprise collaboration and document management solution. If an organization wants to take full advantage of the capabilities afforded by SharePoint, there really isn’t a comparable solution.

SharePoint is also working in the background as the content management component of Microsoft 365. Many users don’t even realize that content in Microsoft Teams is being retained in SharePoint. The point here is this, you may already be using SharePoint and just didn’t realize it.

Why Organizations Love SharePoint

There are best-in-class organizations that have done an amazing job with SharePoint. By leveraging SharePoint for document management, collaboration, workflows, and intranet, the enterprise value of SharePoint is high. When organizations make that level of investment, they typically have a strategy for SharePoint.

Kiefer helps clients in building out a roadmap for SharePoint (and Microsoft 365) based on desired outcomes, capacity and appetite.

We share use cases and help organizations in getting the most out of SharePoint.

Changing Minds

We have the expertise and experience with SharePoint to change minds. We know why users dislike SharePoint and we know what users expect and need. We can help you in configuring SharePoint to better meet the needs of users and help you leverage your investment in Microsoft 365.

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