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The Leaders in Data Intelligence

Driving Data Culture

At Alation, we are passionate about helping enterprises create thriving data cultures where anyone can find, understand, and trust data. Alation pioneered the modern data catalog and is now leading its evolution into a platform for data intelligence.

It All Started with a Question

How do you connect people with questions to people with answers? That was the deceptively simple question that Alation co-founders, Satyen Sangani and Aaron Kalb, pondered during their first meeting.

While Satyen and Aaron were intent on solving the same problem — they came at it from very different angles. From his background in economics and his experience as an executive at Oracle, Satyen knew that enterprises struggled to work with data and theorized that machine learning could be the answer. As an expert in symbolic systems and a designer who worked on Siri at Apple, Aaron sought to tap into crowdsourced knowledge.

Their differing perspectives would end up their strength. Together, they combined machine learning with human curation to create the first modern data catalog.

Diana Myers
Sr. Regional Marketing Manager