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Infosys Public Services, a U.S. based subsidiary of Infosys (NYSE: INFY), is a leader in business consulting, technology solutions, and next-generation digital services. We enable public sector organizations in the US and Canada to navigate their digital transformation. We do this by combining:

  • Proven public sector solutions that incorporate best-practices from our 40+ years of cross-industry experience
  • A Design Thinking framework and always-on learning for continuous innovation
  • Proven and flexible delivery models for predictable, on-time, on-budget execution


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Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, faster 5G networks, and Internet of Things (IoT) data can provide motor vehicle agencies with greater information to facilitate machine learning models for detection of suspicious activities, patterns and queries by users and customers alike.
Given the importance of UI benefits, the claimant experience is critical. However, filing a UI claim can be a frustrating experience, requiring claimants to make several attempts without a guarantee of success. According to an analysis, only 27% of unemployed citizens got benefits after the Covid-19 pandemic compared to 41% who got them after the 2009 recession.
Read how a National Railroad Operator modernized its mainframe system, reducing TCO by nearly 30%, improving system performance, and reducing operational risk.
Public sector organizations identify legacy modernization as the key to streamlining operations, unlocking new data streams, and delivering improved services and experiences to their constituents. While it is apparent that adopting modern-day technologies and processes is the need of the hour, modernization and digital transformation initiatives are capital and effort intensive. Struggling with budget and staffing constraints, public sector organizations find it difficult to execute these transformation programs. Adopting a managed services model as the approach for transformation can ensure a smooth and seamless transition toward a modern, insights-driven government. The approach enables organizations to streamline IT operations, generate up to 40% in OpEx savings, and use these savings to chip away at their technical debt gradually.
This paper by experts from Salesforce and Infosys Public Services discusses the key capabilities and a new approach for agencies to build a digital, resilient, and future-proof unemployment insurance system.
There’s a fundamental shift taking place right now in unemployment insurance. State labor and workforce departments are trying to move beyond the simple administration of benefits and focus instead on improving constituent outcomes. join Government Technology, Salesforce and Infosys Public Services as we discuss this important strategic shift in UI modernization and strategies to navigate it.
In a webinar hosted by Hyperledger, Riverside County, Infosys Public Services, and Amazon Web Services will discuss how they designed a blockchain-based platform to reimagine the public records validation process for the County.
Infosys Public Services, Amazon Web Services & the County deploy a blockchain platform pilot to verify & authenticate various forms of vital digital records.
As the QA partner for CalSAWS’ CalWIN project, Infosys Public Services has been enabling the consortium to deliver the right services to 6+ million members.