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Since inventing the microprocessor in 1971, Intel has been the world leader in silicon innovation, creating technologies, products and initiatives that continually advance how people live and work. Intel believes it is crucial for governments to harness the power of technology to better serve and connect with the public and increase operational efficiency.

Intel’s architecture, ecosystem and security technologies enable governments to cost-effectively modernize operations and deploy innovative smart city solutions that improve resource management and quality of life – from improving air and water quality to increasing transportation efficiency. To learn more, visit

In addition, Intel’s technologies are helping governments leverage the power of cloud computing. For example, the Intel Core vPro processor family delivers low-cost, maximum productivity with hardware-assisted security and manageability features on Ultrabooks and desktops. Additionally, Intel Xeon processor-based servers provide industry-leading performance without increasing power demands, helping lower costs by automatically allocating power according to your requirements and conserving energy during low-use periods. To learn more, visit

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) across various industries is improving how products are designed and produced and Intel is not the exception. For more than 11 years, IT’s AI group has been creating high-value, AI-based capabilities to help transform the critical work Intel does in product development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, product pricing and more.
4th Gen Xeon powers new Amazon EC2 M7i-flex and M7i instances that deliver customers greater performance, lower TCO and ease of entry with AI.
We are incredibly excited to share that Intel will be taking over Time Square in New York City on December 14th to disclose several key announcements on our AI Strategy. During this event, Intel will announce our new Core Ultra and 5th Gen Xeon processors and provide more details on Intel’s AI strategy.
By infusing artificial intelligence into its technologies, Intel offers open, scalable and trusted solutions to help customers win in this era of exponential AI growth.
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We are at a pivotal moment in infrastructure today – as we have the opportunity to leverage technology to build safer, smarter transportation systems that improve citizen outcomes.
Intel presents the IIJA Transportation eBook
The Transaction creates a globally diverse end-to-end foundry to help meet growing semiconductor demand and brings more value to customers across the nearly $100 billion addressable foundry market.
Immerse yourself in the latest technologies and trends at our exciting, new educational tech event for developers and industry insiders. Connect with Intel leaders and industry experts to gain the perspectives and training required to shift what’s possible through technology—today and tomorrow.