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Michael Wilkening

Michael Wilkening is a former secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency who now serves as senior adviser for technology and delivery for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services under the Biden Administration. Before his secretary role in California, he had been a longtime technology executive in California state government.

“This team was an amazing group of individuals who introduced me to human-centered design and journey mapping, who collaborated with me to envision new ways of providing services, who partnered in changing the culture at CalHHS, and even convinced me to get a Twitter account,” writes Michael Wilkening.
California Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Wilkening writes: "Our work at CHHS is a proof of concept, designed to illustrate how government can be more transparent, responsive and client-centered. I would argue that this has been a successful proof of concept, but it also has presented lessons learned."
The California Health and Human Services Agency's new Dashboard provides a one-stop shop for those seeking data related to a host of state programs and services — and it's all available to the public.
Michael Wilkening, the undersecretary for the California Health and Human Services Agency, says state government isn't perfect — but it's getting better.
We can't realistically expect to make major progress in combating health problems and disparities without a solid grasp of the underlying data about health conditions.