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MuleSoft, the world’s #1 integration and API platform, makes it easy to connect data from any system — no matter where it resides — to create connected experiences, faster. Thousands of organizations across industries rely on MuleSoft to realize speed, agility and innovation at scale. By integrating systems and unifying data with reusable APIs, businesses can easily compose connected experiences while maintaining security and control. Through API-led connectivity, customers unlock business capabilities to build application networks that deliver exponentially increasing value. MuleSoft is the only unified platform for enterprise iPaaS and full lifecycle API management, and can be deployed to any cloud or on-premises with a single runtime. To learn more: 

Transportation is essential to the American economy. Nearly every sector of the economy—manufacturing, education, health care, retail, etc.—is dependent on an efficient transportation system. In talking with transportation customers across the country we see the following emerging themes and trends - equity, safety, resilience and security, technology, sustainability, and infrastructure.
Seamlessly automate your workload by building automations that solve for the complexity of your processes. With MuleSoft Composer, MuleSoft RPA, and Anypoint Platform, you can automate across both modern cloud apps and legacy on-prem apps, and unstructured data like documents and images.
Government agencies are under constant pressure to provide enhanced services for their citizens. A single key factor emerging that determines an agency's success now is speed. Join MuleSoft in Sacramento, California for an in-person event and learn how MuleSoft Automation powered by Composer, RPA, and Anypoint Platform that allows your agency to adapt more by enabling business teams to easily connect apps and data all with the oversight of IT.
The urgency of today’s digital imperative is leading companies to increasingly turn to automation to unlock productivity, transform employee and customer experiences, and quickly launch new products and services. Companies want to be able to automate anything that can be automated, leading to an emerging need for hyperautomation.
The governance landscape can become increasingly complicated as teams take on new initiatives to modernize key lines of business systems with APIs, cloud migration, and data migration. For data governance to be successful it needs to leverage the right combination of people, processes, and technology. Aligning to a “Data is an Asset” architecture principle means implementing a data governance strategy that protects, identifies, reuses, documents, and unifies its most valuable data. In this blog, I will share nine important steps to build a solid data governance strategy with an API-led connectivity approach.
Government services like licensing, permitting, and inspections are critical to economic development, community vitality, and public safety. However, today, the process of applying for a license, searching and submitting the documentation, paying the fees, and scheduling the inspection can be manual and cumbersome for constituents. Join this session to learn how your agency can securely and quickly connect licensing, permitting, and inspections data from Salesforce, Esri, Oracle, and more with MuleSoft.
Join Carahsoft, MuleSoft and Salesforce after the CA Public Sector CIO Academy at our complimentary public sector reception!
With each passing week, the need for government agencies to progress their cybersecurity strategy increases. Governments are moving closer and closer to achieving a Zero Trust Architecture strategy to ensure access to data is constantly being validated. Where are agencies on this path? What is the current state of government cybersecurity? How can each connection of data be monitored and secured?
Agencies are experiencing a generational shift in competitive and operational environments due to a convergence of technological, social, and economic forces. A single characteristic is emerging as the key factor that determines a company’s success: speed. API-led connectivity is the integration approach for connecting and exposing assets that will provide the speed organizations are looking for. With this approach, companies can deliver today’s projects faster than ever before while also building an infrastructure to increase productivity on future projects and an enterprise ready for change.
Learn how MuleSoft is helping government agencies leverage APIs and analytics to better respond to crises and automate day-to-day tasks. See a demo on how the combined power of MuleSoft and Tableau can help combat the opioid epidemic, and hear from Scott Rogillio, Director of Applications at Texas Department of Transportation, on how TxDOT is accelerating agility and innovation with API-led integration.