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CTO Position Among State IT Job Recruitments

The other roles that departments are seeking to fill include product lead, specialist and developer.

State government departments are recruiting for four specialty positions, including an executive role in the Department of State Hospitals (DSH).

DSH is seeking a chief technology officer (IT Manager II) “who can improve collaboration and execute strategic direction at the forefront of ongoing innovation efforts, with the opportunity to directly improve staff and patient safety as well as overall patient care,” according to the job posting.

The CTO will have “full management responsibility for a large enterprise application development and data processing infrastructure consisting of six physical locations with over 10,000 nodes, which supports the goals and objectives of the Department of State Hospitals,” the posting notes. Up to 75 percent of the job duties may be performed remotely. The incumbent can work at one of the following facilities: Atascadero State Hospital, Coalinga State Hospital, Metropolitan State Hospital, Napa State Hospital, Patton State Hospital or the Sacramento headquarters.

More information can be found in the duty statement for the position, which has a monthly salary range of $10,421 to $12,668. The application deadline is May 19.

The California Department of Technology (CDT) is seeking a product lead (IT Specialist III) for the project. The lead will manage “cross-functional teams of developers, designers, researchers and other digital staff to deliver products centered on and responding to the online experience of Californians,” the job posting says.

“The incumbent will lead product planning and management of ODS’ (Office of Digital Services) efforts helping to drive the initiative, coordinate new features and functionalities, optimize product strategy and road maps, coordinate with other partners and utilize agile methodologies to guide technology and design projects.”

Desirable qualifications for the position include:
  • Experience in technical product management, including data products, security and systems architecture improvements
  • Demonstrated success in the development of public-facing digital solutions
  • Experience developing and implementing initiatives, standards, policies and best practices for the creation, maintenance and effective application of high-quality web and digital products
  • Experience leading significant change in complex, matrixed organizations
  • Experience innovating digital channel platforms, especially the web
  • Experience managing complex software products, including products with large, diverse user bases
  • Ability to identify key problems (problem definition) to scope the product needs and prioritize
  • Ability to clearly visualize and present technology road maps, use cases, models, frameworks, processes, tools and delivery structures

More information can be found in the duty statement. The position has a monthly salary range of $8,700 to $11,659, and the application deadline is May 21.

CDT is also seeking a specialist (IT Specialist III) to “serve as the infrastructure architecture lead at the mastery level in the evaluation and recommendation of enterprise technology systems and standards.”

The specialist will work collaboratively with CDT’s IT leaders and personnel responsible for managing the CDT Risk Assessment and Stabilization Program projects. The incumbent “will be responsible for having a deep and thorough understanding of IT services, software, hardware and technology stacks that cross many vendors to support the stabilization of critical IT services within the state,” the job posting says.

“Responsibilities of this position will perform triage diagnostics on critical IT services, recommend stability-based corrective actions, and deliver triage consulting services,” according to the posting and the duty statement. The incumbent “will baseline performance metrics for services within the stack and recommend processes to optimize and scale services.” The specialist “will also provide an evaluation of the systems’ reliance on skills and subject matter expertise, maintainability, production stability, architectural alignment and cloud suitability based upon industry best practices to determine the short- and long-term strategy for the service.”

Desirable qualifications for the position include:
  • Experience conducting incident response and recovery initiatives affecting statewide threat management processes
  • Expert-level knowledge of security framework to policies, standards and regulations
  • Ability to exercise judgment when policies are not well-defined
  • Knowledge of incident response and handling methodologies
  • Knowledge of intrusion detection methodologies and techniques for detecting host- and network-based intrusions via intrusion detection technologies
  • Knowledge of penetration testing principles, tools and techniques

This role has a monthly salary range of $8,700 to $11,659, and the application deadline is May 9.

The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) is recruiting for an application developer (IT Specialist I) to serve “as a technical lead for complex and time-sensitive IT projects.” The incumbent also “may act as a lead programmer responsible for the design, development and implementation of web, desktop, server and mobile applications, including system databases and stored procedures, under a broad scope with nonspecific guidelines,” the job posting says.

The mission of the California Student Aid Commission is to promote educational equity by making postsecondary education affordable for all Californians by administering financial aid and outreach programs.

Desirable qualifications for this position include:
  • Experience with agile methodology
  • Experience of Angular 9 to latest version (13); proficiency in HTML, JavaScript/TypeScript, Java language, Spring Boot 2, Spring for REST APIs
  • Programming experience as an Oracle PL/SQL developer in analysis, design and implementation of business applications using the Oracle or other relational database management system (RDBMS) like MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Extensive PL/SQL, SQL, DDL and DML experience. Creates tables, views, constraints, index (B Tree, Bitmap and Function Based). Develops complex database objects like stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers using SQL and PL/SQL
  • Experience with Oracle Supplied Packages such as DBMS_SQL, DBMS_JOB and SQL Loader, Materialized views
  • Excellent technical and analytical skills with clear understanding of design goals of ER modeling for OLTP and dimension modeling for OLAP. Experience with Table Partitioning, SQL performance tuning using cost-based optimization (CBO), query optimizer, execution plans and indexes
  • DevOps experience with GitHub, Jenkins, Visual Studio, and TFS, MS DevOps, Jira
  • Unit, load and system testing with Selenium and other tools
  • Ability to understand and create design documents, data modeling (conceptual, logical, physical) and UML diagrams

More information is available in the duty statement. The position has a monthly salary range of $5,960 to $9,643, and the application deadline is May 10.
Dennis Noone is Executive Editor of Industry Insider. He is a career journalist, having worked at small-town newspapers and major metropolitan dailies including USA Today in Washington, D.C.