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Departments Recruiting for Chiefs, Adviser, Managers

The departments work in the areas of insurance, purchasing, technology and taxes.

Departments in state government are recruiting for a variety of tech specialty positions.

Covered California is seeking a chief (IT Manager I) of the Enterprise Analysis and Test Office — someone who likes working with internal and external partners and mentoring staff. Prerequisites include experience with agile methodology, an ability to communicate with leadership, and a passion for innovation.

The incumbent will manage and assign resources; drive change to the California Healthcare Eligibility, Enrollment, and Retention System (CalHEERS); negotiate and coordinate with the system integrator; communicate progress and status to all levels; and prioritize and assist with release planning, according to the job posting and duty statement.

Desirable qualifications include five years’ experience with agile; five years’ experience communicating with and presenting to executive leadership; and three years’ experience with business transformation and innovation.

The position has a monthly salary range of $8,591 to $11,512, and the application deadline is Jan. 2.

The Department of General Services (DGS) is seeking a chief for COTS Applications Solutions, overseeing the department’s Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) technologies.

Applicants will be required to answer four questions as part of their Statement of Qualifications:
  • Why did you apply for this position? In reviewing the duty statement, what aspect interests you most and why? What aspect do you anticipate may be challenging and why?
  • Describe your experience with supporting commercial off the shelf applications throughout the life cycle.
  • Describe your ability to lead and manage IT projects of varying size and levels of responsibility to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Describe your knowledge of and experience in establishing/maintaining priorities, managing resources, and communicating with stakeholders.

More information about the role can be found in the job posting and duty statement. The position has a monthly salary range of $8,591 to $11,512, and the application deadline is Jan. 2.

The Office of Systems Integration (OSI), part of the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS), is recruiting for an information architecture adviser (IT Specialist III) to lead and provide expertise in data architecture-related subject matter for CHHS’ Enterprise Architecture (EA) and related strategic and tactical planning activities.

The incumbent is “accountable for master-level coordination and individual contribution toward the development, alignment and evolution of the enterprise-wide information planning functions for CalHHS such that they support and advance its programmatic (business)” and IT needs, according to the job posting.

The incumbent “will have experience in partner-facing roles and enterprise-scale system environments,” the posting says. “The incumbent works as an enterprise architect (who) contributes primarily data architecture domain knowledge and expertise of EA to further strategic agency initiatives. The IT Specialist III requires expert-level knowledge and experience in designing efficient and complex data designs for transaction processing, data analytics, and data warehousing. The incumbent utilizes master-level expertise and skills in future technology trends, interfaces, protocols, and data architecture styles to advise management on formulating a data management strategy, policy, and governance.”

More information about the position is available in the duty statement. The role has a monthly salary range of $8,700 to $11,659, and the recruitment will be ongoing until the job is filled.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is seeking an infrastructure operations manager (IT Manager I), who will coordinate with other teams in CPUC’s IT Services Division (ITSD) as well as with oversight agencies, vendors and other stakeholders. The incumbent “provides supervision and a high level of technical leadership that ensures enterprise services and applications are delivered timely and securely,” according to the job posting.

Duties of the position include:
  • Provide direct supervision to staff and participate in workload planning through the organization, prioritization, direction and control of all activities associated with the day-to-day IT operations of the Enterprise Infrastructure Section (EIS).
  • Provide expert-level technical consultation and troubleshooting support to ensure operational efficiency of the department.
  • Participate in the planning of strategic priorities to keep in alignment with the business programs and to contribute to the commission’s technology planning process and department-wide strategic directions involving IT.
  • Be responsible for recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training of staff including the establishment of workload and performance measures using management tools and in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

More information about the position is available in the duty statement. The role has a monthly salary range of $8,591 to $11,512, and the application deadline is Jan. 13.

The Franchise Tax Board is recruiting for a Security Intelligence Unit manager (IT Manager I) to “lead and manage a team of security professionals who are responsible for ensuring the department’s Security Intelligence Unit (SIU) is in compliance with all cybersecurity laws ... and provide guidance to the supervisor of the External Monitoring Team,” according to the job posting.

The incumbent will “collaborate with FTB’s Security Operations Section management team to establish the vision for FTB’s SIU, which includes the development of Privacy, Security, and Disclosure Bureau’s Security Intelligence programs and processes,” according to the posting and duty statement. “You will establish and maintain relationships with business and technical management internal to FTB and external to FTB partners including vendors, other California state agencies (and) other states.”

Desirable qualifications include:
  • Strong technical knowledge of operating systems, application development and infrastructure
  • Strong technical knowledge of cybersecurity controls and standards
  • Strong technical knowledge of California and federal laws, policies and regulations and procedures applicable to data confidentiality, security and privacy (specifically National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST] 800-53 and State Administrative Manual [SAM] 5300)
  • Strong knowledge of the organization and operations of the department’s programs and how they relate to and support other programs within the department

The role has a monthly salary range of $8,591 to $11,512, and the application deadline is Dec. 29.

The California State Lottery is recruiting for a network engineering manager (IT Manager I) to plan, organize, and direct the activities of staff in supporting the Lottery’s networking infrastructure, which includes the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).

Other duties of the manager, according to the job posting, include:
  • Set IT processes and standards
  • Formulate long-range vision and objectives
  • Align, review implementation, and ensure conformance of the unit with organizational policies and objectives

Desirable qualifications for the role include:
  • Demonstrated experience in leading/managing technical staff at various levels of technical skills.
  • Demonstrated experience in network administration, architecture, and designing local and wide area networks
  • Experience managing communication and working relationships between IT and other departments within the organization
  • A probing analytical approach with the ability to pre-empt potential problems and identify inefficiencies
  • Experience managing and overseeing design and support of WAN & LAN connectivity to multiple remote sites
  • Experience working with third-party vendors and service providers

More details about the role can be found in the duty statement. The position has a monthly salary range of $8,591 to $11,512, and the application deadline is Jan. 6.
Dennis Noone is Executive Editor of Industry Insider. He is a career journalist, having worked at small-town newspapers and major metropolitan dailies including USA Today in Washington, D.C.