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California State Lottery

The CTO will also serve as assistant deputy director of the Lottery’s Information Technology Services Division, with responsibility for managing the policy development, technical implementation, maintenance and support of the Lottery’s IT systems and supporting infrastructure.
The Employment Development Department is seeking a storage, backup and recovery architect, and the California State Lottery is recruiting for a senior mobile application developer.
Application deadlines have been set for the positions, which are in the California State Lottery and the State Controller’s Office, respectively.
The incumbent will also serve as assistant deputy director, with responsibilities including vendor management, procurement and enterprise governance.
The California State Lottery is seeking a senior security engineer, a senior vendor gaming analyst and a senior project manager.
In a recent Industry Insider — California Member Briefing, CIO Jennifer Chan offered insights into her department, its history and what makes it unique. She also offered advice to vendors seeking to do business with the department.
“I would say the cloud migration was huge,” says Catherine Lanzaro, CIO for the California Department of Child Support Services. “We were working with Microsoft and our partners, and Microsoft Azure gave us new life.”
Catherine Lanzaro, CIO of the California Department of Child Support Services, and Jennifer Chan, CIO of the California State Lottery, will discuss their priorities and goals on Nov. 30 in Sacramento.
The tax board is seeking an information security risk officer, and the California State Lottery is seeking a chief enterprise architect.
The entities in recruitment include the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and the California State Lottery.
The California State Lottery, as well as the departments of Alcoholic Beverage Control and Resources Recycling and Recovery, are recruiting for IT positions.
Other departments seeking management candidates include the California Department of Technology and the California State Lottery.
The department is seeking candidates for chief information security officer, section manager and senior adviser to leadership.
All three positions require interactions with high-level state leaders, leading teams in technology work and completing challenging, complex IT projects.
Established in 1984, the California State Lottery makes technology and modernization an integral part of its landscape. Major updates to gaming have been completed this year and others are contemplated for the future, plus other potentially transformational internal-facing IT improvements.
Recruitments are underway at the state departments of Motor Vehicles and Health Care Services, the California Public Utilities Commission and the California State Lottery.
The IT leader at this unique state entity talked to Industry Insider — California about ongoing technology work, enterprise-level topics that are likely central for many technology executives, and the budgetary process.
Candidates for the CISO role and other positions are sought by the California State Lottery, the California Department of Public Health and the California Secretary of State’s Office.
The California State Lottery and the Office of Systems Integration, which is part of the California Health and Human Services Agency, are seeking qualified applicants.
The positions are in the California Department of Education, the California State Lottery and the California Department of Transportation.
The departments work in the areas of insurance, purchasing, technology and taxes.
Their achievements were recognized last week at the California Cybersecurity Education Summit.
The project will require close collaboration among the contractor, its personnel and state staff.
The state entity, a familiar one to consumers, is looking to fill six positions, all of which have considerable intersection with information technology and innovation.
The Department of Real Estate is seeking a chief information security officer, and the CA Lottery is seeking a chief, enterprise risk officer.
Veteran technologist and executive John Roussel, who describes himself as an “enterprise change agent,” was promoted this month from chief technology officer and assistant deputy director of the California Department of Public Health.
In a new job posting, the California State Lottery is looking to augment its Data, Information and Analytics Services team.
“A veteran of state service, Director Tong’s deep experience in the public sector and leadership in the technology field have helped guide key efforts to make government more efficient and effective, including our work to bridge the digital divide and help state agencies navigate complex challenges during the pandemic,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said.
The California State Lottery is seeking a senior cloud architect, and the California Department of Technology is recruiting for a project director.
The California State Lottery has responded to questions on a recent Request for Information seeking to learn more about potential “Lottery Public Website and Cloud Infrastructure” work.
In a new Request for Information, the California State Lottery wants to learn more about “Lottery Public Website (PWS) and Cloud Infrastructure: Maintenance, Support, and New Development.”
“So, beyond the typical responsibilities of a CIO, which include being responsible for the vision, strategic direction, and policy development and management of our IT systems and supporting infrastructure, our program partners require IT to be innovative, flexible, and adaptable to meet their changing needs,” says Jennifer Chan, chief information officer at the California State Lottery.
One department is seeking a chief enterprise architect, and the other is seeking a manager for application and service delivery.
Three linchpin state entities and departments are looking for four technology staff and specialists in areas with impact across the enterprise.
The California State Lottery and the departments of Health Care Services and Technology are recruiting for IT manager and procurement staffers.
The responsibilities of these key roles include oversight for IT governance, portfolio support, project intake and infrastructure support.
The California State Lottery has gone live with a new solution from a familiar IT vendor to modernize retailer transactions.
State agencies have a number of senior-level positions to fill, including roles for managers, an architect, an engineer and a chief product officer.
Technology and innovation leaders from state and local governments told Techwire the eventual return to their offices as the pandemic eases will almost certainly preserve a significant amount of remote work — and present challenges and opportunities as well.
Rob Peterson, who worked in the private sector before joining state government in 2014, had been the chief information officer for the California Department of Food and Agriculture for almost five years before being named agency information officer this month.
One of the positions in recruitment is for a deputy director, and the other is for an IT supervisor to oversee technology infrastructure.
The California Lottery has begun using Wdesk from Workiva to streamline budgeting and financial reporting processes.
IGT Global Solutions Corp. has reached an agreement with the California Lottery to extend its current contract for seven years, through Oct. 31, 2026. The California Lottery is the second-largest in the United States, generating $91.4 billion in sales and contributing nearly $31 billion to public education since its inception in 1985.