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Departments Recruiting in IT Managerial, Information Security Roles

The California State Lottery, as well as the departments of Alcoholic Beverage Control and Resources Recycling and Recovery, are recruiting for IT positions.

Three state entities are seeking candidates for tech openings in sensitive managerial, architectural and analytic roles.

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) is seeking an IT Manager II to work under the chief information officer and act “as a chief technology officer,” doing and overseeing critical, sensitive and complex tasks related to statewide IT, telecommunications, infrastructure and operational projects including procurement.

According to the job posting, the incumbent will join in formulating, developing and implementing state IT, infrastructural, operational and telecommunications procurement policies and procedures, with an eye for streamlining those processes while improving the quality of both solutions and services. The role includes oversight of work across all domains including information security engineering, but is primarily focused on business technology management, client services, and IT project management.

Functions of the position include:

  • 45 percent strategic planning and direction, including setting goals and vision for tech use in the department, ensuring tech resources meet short- and long-term needs, outlining research and development goals and creating timelines for the development and deployment of all technological services
  • 35 percent management and administration, serving in an executive management role setting or influencing organizational IT policy, formulating long-range IT programs and objectives and reviewing program implementation and conformance with organizational policies and objectives
  • 20 percent supervision, giving administrative direction on assignments and coordinating branch-wide projects; overseeing education and outreach on statewide IT infrastructure, operations and telecommunications procurement policies and techniques; and overseeing development of training and procurement team coaching
Desirable qualifications for this role include:

  • A demonstrated knowledge of state policies, rules and standards around IT and digital services
  • Managerial experience showing the ability to apply organizational leadership, enable decision-making and promote teamwork
  • Experience in forecasting and managing a division’s budget
  • Strong leadership and management team experience showing the ability to create clear goals and expectations and use sound judgment in managing complex and varied programs
  • Experience in recommending, developing and implementing policies and procedures
This position has a monthly salary range of $10,421 to $12,668, and the application deadline is Aug. 17.

The California State Lottery is seeking a cybersecurity architect (IT Specialist III) to work under the assistant deputy director and chief technology officer of its Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) and develop, maintain and deliver models, frameworks, principles and design patterns used to design and implement information security solutions.

The position’s duties, according to the job posting, encompass six domains: business technology management, information security engineering, client services, IT project management, software engineering and system engineering.

Functions of the position include:

  • 30 percent leading, planning and organizing design solutions that enforce best practices for the Lottery’s cybersecurity program; architecting and implementing security principles, policies, controls and procedures; and supporting all security aspects of business and IT initiatives by assisting in the architecture, design and deployment of innovative, secure technology solutions
  • 25 percent evaluating and developing secure solutions based on approved security architectures by evaluating business strategies and requirements; analyzing business impact and exposure based on emerging security threats, vulnerabilities and risks; and working with other functional area experts and security specialists to make sure adequate solutions are in place to mitigate identified risks
  • 25 percent maintaining an expert knowledge of information security principles, industry best practices and applicable compliance regulations; communicating an understanding of the design and selection of technical solutions, such as two-factor authentication, secure web services, identity management software, encryption solutions, anomaly detection and methods for developing secure software; and leading development and evolution of the Lottery’s Information Security Architecture Framework
Desirable qualifications for this role include:

  • Experience in information security management
  • In-depth knowledge of information security principles, best practices and regulatory requirements
  • Strong understanding of network security, cryptography and secure coding practices
  • Knowledge of security technologies and tools including firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems
  • Experience doing risk assessments and vulnerability assessments
This position has a monthly salary range of $8,700 to $11,659, and the application deadline is Aug. 18.

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is seeking an IT Specialist II to work under the chief information security officer as a technical senior security specialist to enhance and drive the department’s security program. ABC must ensure compliance with state and federal security regulations, while the IT Specialist II sets and implements information security best practices for the department.

The incumbent will, according to the job posting, work with ABC, private, state and federal entities to secure and protect confidential and sensitive information. They will be the lead in counteracting information security threats and doing ongoing engagements, proactive threat hunting, incident response, cyber threat intelligence collection and analysis and defense countermeasure implementation. The candidate selected will take lead on designing and helping implement enterprise security projects.

Functions of the position include:

  • 30 percent vulnerability and risk management, standing up and maintaining a vulnerability management program integrating vulnerability detection with threat mitigation across the enterprise; guiding staff and management to ensure information security policies and practices are integrated into department operations in new and existing business processes and all project life cycles
  • 25 percent business impact analysis, assisting with development, creation and management of an enterprise business continuity and technology recovery program to ensure timely operations recovery in the event of a disaster or outage and managing and coordinating the resources and business functions needed to plan for restoration of data center operations, recovery of mission-critical business applications and production data and support of key business continuity objectives
  • 15 percent security systems architecture, including serving as expert technical security architect giving technical guidance for IT initiatives, developing high-level frameworks, designs and concepts as foundations for systems and application architectures, and doing planning for major version system upgrades or re-platforming of current/new technologies

Desirable qualifications for this role include:

  • Knowledge and strong understanding of network architecture
  • Experience configuring and maintaining security solutions and tools including endpoint detection and response, web filtering, vulnerability scanners, firewalls and intrusion detection/prevention systems
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of information security principles and best practices and common security frameworks such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework

This position has a monthly salary range of $7,893 to $10,894, and the application deadline is Aug. 18.
Theo Douglas is Assistant Managing Editor of Industry Insider — California.