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Departments Recruiting in Applications, Cyber and Product Architect Roles

The entities in recruitment include the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and the California State Lottery.

Three state entities are seeking candidates for tech openings in crucial architectural, managerial and supervisorial roles.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is seeking a vehicle registration (VR) product architect — telework (IT Specialist III) to join the Vehicle Registration Product Section of its Information Systems Division, to interpret and present products and product information to stakeholders, to inform their strategic business decisions. Telework is available for the position but it requires California residency; occasional reporting to work at DMV’s Sacramento headquarters may also be required.

According to the job posting, the incumbent will be responsible for architecture, design, application development, documentation and managing backlogs and releases for IT projects and efforts in the section. They must have a master-level practical technical knowledge base and be recognized as an industry expert in their area of specialization. Responsibilities include developing enterprise-level product architecture and doing IT project management, system and software engineering duties around product architecture, development, operation and maintenance of software systems.

Functions of the position include:
  • 35 percent architecture and technical lead, offering mastery-level expertise and guidance in the design and implementation of DMV’s systems and technology and driving continuous improvement of its use of technology; evaluating, analyzing and recommending new and emerging technologies needed to reach operational objectives to align with strategic organizational goals; and doing architectural analysis of existing systems, proposed architectural solutions and architectural requirements.
  • 25 percent project and relationship management, leading and coordinating departmental digital innovation and modernization projects; guiding development of plans and artifacts to obtain internal and external project approval; overseeing and managing resources to make sure projects are finished on time and budget, meeting business users’ specifications; and ensuring project processes are supported, providing associated documents and approvals, ensuring projects comply with System Development Life Cycle.
  • 20 percent communication and working relationships, leading evaluation and recommendation of new technology, proposed future technology, trends, technical components, interfaces, protocols and architectures; liaising with internal and external stakeholders to manage relationships and coordinate project initiatives; and advising management on formulating IT strategy, policy and governance to support enterprise architectural objectives and technology modernization.
Desirable qualifications for this role include:
  • Knowledge of industry-standard and organizationally accepted analysis principles and methods
  • Knowledge of new and emerging information technology
  • Ability to communicate complex information, concepts and ideas in a confident, well-organized manner whether verbally, visually or in writing
  • Ability to accurately and fully source all data for product intelligence, assessment and planning
  • Ability to work in and adjust to a diverse, unpredictable, challenging and fast-paced work environment

This position has a monthly salary range of $8,700 to $11,659, and the application deadline is Aug. 31.

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research is seeking an enterprise applications and data manager (IT Manager I) to work under the chief information officer and set direction, long-term strategies and budget projections for OPR applications as well as facilitate stakeholder communications across the enterprise relative to system changes, requirements management, system development and testing.

According to the job posting, the incumbent will give expert technical advice and analysis on software applications to inform executive decision-making and do a full range of administrative functions to ensure efficient, effective management of Application Support Section staff and resources. The role produces viable, scalable, supportable, secure solutions like assessment of business cases, appropriate solutions, and applications of the system development project life cycle to make sure solutions are implemented successfully.

Functions of the position include:
  • 35 percent managing the application development unit budget, developing and maintaining application development processes and documentation that are in collaboration with OPR teams; providing high-level technical expertise in reviewing cloud or custom products and deliverables; assigning product reviews to staff and verifying quality and timeliness of work completed; and working with the CIO to appropriately respond to technical inquiries from federal and state control agencies and the public.
  • 25 percent serving as technical expert on the most complex and technically advanced applications, systems and problems; planning and coordinating implementation of new application development technologies and improvements; designing, documenting and reviewing cloud applications for including technical diagrams, data access and data lineage; being responsible for managing document oversight by ensuring system documentation and configuration management are finished and accurate.
  • 20 percent updating and maintaining OPR maps and diagrams of various applications in OPR Geographic Information System; assisting in development, implementation and review of new and existing IT policies, standards and procedures; leading development of policies and procedures for network systems, validation, retention and storage, retrieval, dissemination, backup, access and permissions; and taking part in review and approval of hardware installation procedures and disaster recovery plans and procedures.
Desirable qualifications for this role include:
  • Experience managing and overseeing GIS data systems analysis, synthesis, maintenance and reporting and publishing of GIS data and cartographic deliverables
  • Experience managing and overseeing complex activities with large-scale IT projects, involving planning, implementation and post-production support
  • Proficiency in evaluating and selecting software implementation services, and in managing staff and vendor/contractor services and performance
  • Experience with procurement, contract and vendor management; and in budgeting, human resources, business technology and customer relations management
  • At least two years’ experience managing enterprise-wide implementation, including custom, platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service solutions

This position has a monthly salary range of $8,591 to $11,512, and the application deadline is Aug. 25.

The California State Lottery is seeking a cybersecurity and engineering supervisor (IT Supervisor II) to work under the general direction of the Information Technology Manager I, the Cybersecurity and Engineering Manager, and be responsible for planning, organizing and supervising the work of the Cybersecurity and Engineering Unit at the Lottery.

The position’s duties, according to the job posting, include setting IT processes and standards; formulating long-range vision and objectives; and reviewing the unit’s implementation and conformance with organizational policies and objectives. Job duties are focused mainly on business technology management, information security engineering, IT project management and system engineering.

Functions of the position include:
  • 30 percent supervising the Cybersecurity and Engineering Unit and multifunctional technical staff; giving input on management and maturity of the Lottery’s cybersecurity program; and supervising centralized management of the processes, methods and technologies used by cybersecurity resources to oversee and monitor security controls, systems and supporting technical infrastructure.
  • 30 percent responsible for oversight, management and support of the Lottery’s security systems and related technical infrastructure including technical operation of the Lottery’s physical security system; and helping in management and communication of the organization’s security risk profile including detected vulnerabilities, emerging security threats and changes to systems and environments.
  • 20 percent working with the Information Technology Services Division to advance the goals and objectives of the Lottery’s IT Strategic Plan; and collaborating with the Information Security Office team on developing forward-looking security strategies, plans and road maps to implement and use technologies reducing systems’ and environments’ security risks.
Desirable qualifications for this role include:
  • In-depth knowledge of cybersecurity principles, technologies and frameworks
  • In-depth knowledge of information security principles, best practices and regulatory requirements
  • Experience with security frameworks and risk management methodologies
  • Understanding of network security, vulnerability management and incident response
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills with the ability to assess complex situations and make informed decisions
  • Experience with threat intelligence and security analytics

This position has a monthly salary range of $7,783 to $10,428, and the application deadline is Aug. 25.
Theo Douglas is Assistant Managing Editor of Industry Insider — California.