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Departments Seeking Director, Specialty Architects

The state Franchise Tax Board is seeking a new leader, and the Department of Motor Vehicles is hiring architects with specialties in cloud and product architecture.

The state Franchise Tax Board is recruiting for a director (Career Executive Assignment) of the Enterprise Development Bureau to be “responsible for proving the framework for the department’s IT systems including Legacy Development, Enterprise Development & Services, Configuration Management, and Technical Architecture.”

According to the job posting, the director will serve on the executive management team and provide strategic policy advice “that will have a profound impact on the department’s automated systems.” As a member of the executive team, the director will participate in departmental decision-making and policy development, provide recommendations on sensitive, critical and legislative mandates and ensure FTB’s ability to provide critical services to the public.

Desirable qualifications for this position include:
  • Ability to influence others toward a common goal by building consensus and getting buy-in from others on plans and proposals, including enlisting third-party support
  • Ability to consider problems and opportunities from a global perspective and their relevance and application to departmental operations (i.e., ability to see the “big picture”)
  • Skill to conduct timely and accurate performance appraisals and provide constructive feedback
  • Responsible: Willingness to be accountable for the outcome of work done by yourself and others under your direction or problems/issues arising out of your organization; willingness to take blame for mistakes and not seek to blame others
  • Skill to acquire the appropriate and necessary resources and manage those resources effectively to complete assigned workloads and achieve optimum outcomes
  • Results-oriented: Exhibits a strong sense of urgency about solving problems and accomplishing work
  • Skill to evaluate the costs, benefits, risks implications and chances for success when considering alternatives
  • Ability to understand impacts and anticipate responses to decisions, including the relative importance of a task or issues and the need to compromise on a position
  • Ability to anticipate and prevent breaches in confidentiality and/or security

More information can be found in the duty statement. The role has a monthly salary range of $11,102 to $13,226, and the application deadline is March 28.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is seeking two specialty architects, both with IT Specialist III classifications.

The DMV is seeking a cloud architect to serve as the expert specialist responsible for the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Modernization Project cloud computing architecture. According to the job posting, the “primary role is directing the development of cloud adoption plans, determining cloud application design and creating systems for managing, monitoring and maintaining the cloud systems to meet the needs of DMV’s DXP Project.”

Responsibilities include “addressing and evaluating cloud computing needs, setting standards for documentation of cloud computing requirements, and guiding the translation of data between business users and technical developers; (leading) business analytics initiatives and decision-making processes including business, technology and process improvements and (being) responsible for participating in complex business and systems configuration, analysis, testing and the implementation and ongoing administration of key DXP initiatives.”

Desirable qualifications include:
  • Experience using GitHub and Micro Focus ALM Octane
  • Experience in application development in cloud computing environments such as AWS using SQS, Node.js, React.js, JSON and like technologies
  • Experience in UiPath, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft .Net framework., MS SQL Server and/or Oracle Database
  • Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent combination of education and work experience
  • Ability to interpret and contextualize business strategy for operational needs and to develop specific artifacts such as business capability maps, value streams and customer journey maps to help bridge the gap between strategy and execution as well as streamline and rationalize IT’s product and services delivery process
  • Demonstrated ability to create and maintain a cloud computing architecture knowledge base and connect it to other architecture domains
  • Possess strong analytical, creative, problem-solving and critical thinking skills

More details are available in the duty statement. The position has a monthly salary range of $8,700 to $11,659, and the application deadline is March 29.

The DMV is also recruiting for a Vehicle Registration Product architect to serve as “the technical manager and/or lead and solution and/or application architect; responsible for architecture, design, application development, documentation, managing backlogs, and releases for IT projects and efforts impacting the section,” according to the job posting.

“The incumbent is recognized as an industry expert in their area of specialization, exhibits a mastery level of team leadership qualities and plays a major part in formulating technological strategy and policy,” the posting says. “The incumbent performs IT product and project management (and) system and software engineering duties related to the product architecture, development, operation and maintenance of software systems including user research, user-centric design, development or configuration, testing and implementation.”

Desirable qualifications for this position include:
  • Knowledge of industry-standard and organizationally accepted analysis principles and methods
  • Knowledge of new and emerging IT
  • Knowledge of resource management principles and techniques
  • Knowledge of solution life cycle management principles
  • Knowledge of how information needs and collection requirements are translated, tracked and prioritized across the extended enterprise
  • Ability to conduct and implement market research
  • Ability to evaluate and/or ensure the trustworthiness of the supplier and product
  • Ability to communicate complex information, concepts or ideas in a confident and well-organized manner through verbal, written and visual means
  • Ability to accurately and completely source all data used in the intelligence, assessment and planning of products

More details can be found in the duty statement. The position has a monthly salary range of $8,700 to $11,659, and the application deadline is March 28.