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DMV Seeks to Improve Service Through Customer Feedback

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has issued a request for quotation looking for a performance management consultant to assist in standing up a solution to analyze customer feedback.

One of the state departments with the greatest exposure to residents is calling for assistance from IT vendors to learn more about its millions of California customers.

In a request for quotation (RFQ) released Tuesday, the California Department of Motor Vehicles seeks a performance management consultant to “provide and implement a comprehensive customer service measurement solution” that will work with existing DMV processes to capture, analyze and act on customer feedback, improving service for all – even non-digital users. Among the takeaways:
California DMV logo
California DMV logo
California DMV
  • DMV envisions a solution that will “integrate data into a robust, agile platform” with its current “online, social media and written response card customer survey systems,” enabling an enterprise-level view of customer response through all operations. IT will also empower the analysis of customer data to improve responsiveness to “needs and expectations.” This RFQ would appear to intersect with at least two ongoing initiatives at DMV. In a recent interview with Techwire, Director Steve Gordon indicated the department expects to vet two proofs of concept around mid-year – one of which will become its “platform of the future,” sparking the replacement of much of its legacy technology during the next five years. DMV, its director also said, wants to “go faster with understanding data” and wants to connect with “people that have the right mindset and can help us make sense of our data” to update its operations.
  • In the RFQ’s Statement of Work, available at the California State Government Marketplace, DMV indicated it is wrapping a “year-and-a-half-long effort to optimize performance of the DMV,” work that has “sown the seeds for a culture of performance management.” Among outcomes of the work, it said, are “development of the DMV’s 2021-2026 enterprise and IT strategic plans, development and implementation of a mature enterprise governance framework, and development and implementation of an enterprisewide organizational change management network.” DMV seeks a system that will measure and monitor progress toward its goals and objectives to drive “engagement, transparency, accountability and strong governance.” System inputs will include the department’s strategic plan goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). Minimum system functionalities will include tracking status of strategic projects and initiatives and tracking KPIs, business metrics and day-to-day outputs that influence key outcomes. The system must allow for “drill-down from top level measures into division and unit-specific measures” and for creating daily reports. It must include training modules and materials for all users.
  • Contractor tasks will include developing a data model as the system’s “overall blueprint for collection, standardization and relationships of pertinent data” that is compatible and interoperable across applications. The contractor must also determine the balance of “strategic, operational, analytical and tactical data elements” that will be part of dashboard presentation and accessibility; and define a way of “collaborative posting” and review of crucial issues via an “easily accessible user billboard style platform.” Other tasks include building on a “modern and fully supported technology platform” that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and has cloud-based software that meets the standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The platform must be mobile-responsive and have visualizations “such as scorecards, dashboards, charts, graphs and heat maps.”
  • Requirements for the company selected include at least eight years’ experience delivering enterprise performance management services and performance metrics to “large government-sector organizations with at least 4,000 full-time equivalents and budgets of $500 million or more.” This requirement also applies to the contractor staffer who would serve as project manager; the project’s software manager and senior consultant must have five years’ such experience. The company selected must also possess at least eight years’ experience “facilitating large-scale agency transformations and organizational change management.”
  • The contract term is 12 months, with the option of three one-year extensions. Contract value is not to exceed $750,000, including any extensions. Quotes are due by 10 a.m. June 14 and will be opened at 10 a.m. June 16. An intent to award is expected June 17, and a contract award is anticipated June 25. The expected contract start date is June 28.
Theo Douglas is Assistant Managing Editor of Industry Insider — California.