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State Health Case Management, Payroll Update in Early Stages

A request for information from the California Health and Human Services Agency’s Office of Technology and Solutions Integration looks to a potential procurement to integrate case management information and payroll systems.

A young woman wearing a white medical coat with a stethoscope around her neck seated at a table. She is smiling and looking at a laptop, which she is using one hand to operate while she holds a pen in the other and writes in a notebook.
A key state health agency that serves as the “umbrella agency” for many bulwark departments wants to hear from IT vendors as it contemplates the ongoing use of two systems.

In a request for information (RFI) released Sept. 26, the California Health and Human Services Agency’s (CalHHS) Office of Technology and Solutions Integration seeks responses from companies concerning the maintenance and operations of its Case Management Information and Payrolling System (CMIPS), and the payrolling services component of that system. Entities under the aegis of CalHHS include the departments of Aging, Public Health, Child Support, Community Services and Development, State Hospitals, Social Services and the Emergency Medical Services Authority. (In March, CalHHS Agency Information Officer Adam Dondro explained the renaming of the Office of Systems Integration as the CalHHS Office of Technology and Solutions Integration.)

Among the RFI’s takeaways:
  • OTSI is looking to inform bidders of its In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program, the CMIPS that supports it and the need to continue maintenance and operations in the future. The RFI aims to gauge interest in an upcoming procurement around system integration services; or to be the payrolling solution subcontractor, providing system integration services to manage, maintain and operate the CMIPS and payroll; or to provide payroll services as a subcontractor to the system integrator. It hopes to get information on new case management, reporting and payrolling services trends as well as trends in automation, cloud computing, case management analytics, real-time case management, security monitoring and reporting, the use of mobile devices and interactive voice response.
  • Under the direction of the California Department of Social Services, CalHHS OTSI has contracted with CGI Technologies and Solutions Inc. for CMIPS maintenance and operations; and with CGI Managed Advantage for payrolling services. The former expires June 30, 2025, unless the state exercises its extension option; the latter expires Sept. 14, 2026. The state intends to do a procurement allowing for uninterrupted services during the transition of services. It intends the new pact to provide for continued maintenance, operation and improvement of CMIPS and payroll and to provide a technologically modern system with the flexibility to meet the needs of the IHSS program. The next contract is intended to be seven years with the option of three one-year extensions; it must include potential system enhancements to meet the dynamic needs of IHSS around federal and state mandates, business process or system improvement changes and changes to infrastructure, interface, reports and forms plus software upgrades.
  • CMIPS has two primary components: case management and payrolling. Case management is hosted at the California Department of Technology data center in Rancho Cordova, with plans to migrate in the future to Amazon Web Services. The payroll component is hosted at a CGI data center in Phoenix. The two are connected by a 20 megabits per second Multiprotocol Label Switching circuit.
Clarifications on the RFI will come Oct. 17. Responses to the RFI are due Oct. 31. Vendor demonstrations, if held, will take place Nov. 6-14.
Theo Douglas is Assistant Managing Editor of Industry Insider — California.