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Rick Klau

Rick Klau

California Chief Technology Innovation Officer

State Chief Technology Innovation Officer Rick Klau joined the California Department of Technology in February after serving as senior operating partner for Google Ventures from 2011 to 2020. Before that, he held executive positions with a number of firms in the private sector. Klau received his juris doctorate from the University of Richmond School of Law.

“In just over six months, more than 20 percent of the vaccinated population in California have downloaded a digital vaccine record,” writes Rick Klau, the state’s chief technology innovation officer.
“If a state is interested in offering a service similar to what we launched in California, they can take our code, connect it to their own back end, and generate digital vaccine records for their residents,” writes Rick Klau, California's chief technology innovation officer.
“By the time I got my second dose towards the end of [April],” writes state Chief Technology Innovation Officer Rick Klau, “my team ... was looking into how we could give Californians the option of having a digital vaccination record — one that is harder to misplace, and won’t get ripped, dog-eared or disappear in the wash.”