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Building Government for the Future with 5G

State and local governments increasingly rely on data to better serve constituents. Whether it’s managing vaccine registrations, business licenses and permits, or applications for social service programs, agencies must be able to retrieve and send information as quickly and as securely as possible.

Emerging technologies — from the cloud to artificial intelligence — have streamlined many business processes for agencies, but these solutions can only function at their best with robust connectivity. Fifth-generation wireless networks (5G) can transform how state and local governments leverage their data and provide the modern connectivity these organizations need to enhance digital service delivery and better meet the needs of the public.

A 5G Foundation

Industry experts had already predicted 5G would become the leading mobile network technology in the U.S. by 2025, but the pandemic has accelerated the need for 5G for everything from remote work to distance learning.

5G networks offer greater speed, lower latency, and the ability to connect multiple devices and applications without compromising performance. This is especially critical for government organizations that rely on multiple solutions to deliver constituent services.

Getting Started

With massive amounts of federal funding now available, your organization can take advantage of this opportunity to build out your 5G infrastructure to meet urgent needs related to the pandemic and develop a solid digital foundation that will help you fulfill constituents’ demands for better service. Consider the following steps as you prepare to invest in 5G:

  • Revisit your technology investments. Technologies that may have served your organization well before 2020 may no longer meet your needs in the future. Your organization can pivot by investing in technologies such as IoT-enabled solutions, SD-WAN networking solutions and AI-driven platforms that will benefit most from the robust connectivity 5G offers. Building out your infrastructure in advance of 5G deployment is crucial to take full advantage of this transformative technology.
  • Advance workforce mobility. Remote work is here to stay, and your organization will need to help your staff be as productive as possible from wherever they work. You can adopt end-to-end identity and access management systems, cloud security solutions and threat intelligence platforms to secure your remote work infrastructure — all bolstered by 5G connectivity that accelerates data transfer so your IT team can make timely, informed decisions that strengthen enterprise security.
  • Harness your data. 5G can support many data-intensive applications. Once you upgrade your infrastructure with emerging technologies like AI and the cloud, take advantage of 5G’s highbandwidth capabilities to leverage predictive analytics and trends and patterns within your data. This can drive innovation projects with your organization, including smart city, telehealth and digital government initiatives.

Build Your Strategic Advantage with 5G

Not all 5G networks are created equal. As you prepare to build out your 5G infrastructure, you want a strategic partner who provides extensive coverage and reliable service. Verizon has deep public sector expertise and Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G network offers incredibly fast download speeds, lower latency and the capacity to support millions of people in 406 markets, including 158 rural markets that cover nearly 40 million people.

With this level of coverage, state and local governments across the country will be able to access high-performing, reliable networks that help them effectively deliver services — and better meet constituents’ needs today and in the years ahead.

Verizon serves as a trusted partner to the public sector, from rural communities to the largest State and Federal agencies. We enable better government through our best-in-class networks, innovative solutions, exceptional customer experience, and decades of success helping get mission-critical projects done right.