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CalSAWS & Infosys Public Services-Ensuring Quality Welfare Program Delivery

As the QA partner for CalSAWS’ CalWIN project, Infosys Public Services has been enabling the consortium to deliver the right services to 6+ million members.

The California Statewide Automated Welfare System (CalSAWS) consortium delivers benefits and services to California’s most vulnerable population. The consortium manages and oversees the operations for the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids Information Network (CalWIN) project. The CalWIN project supports the eligibility determination and case management of Federal, State, and County public assistance programs for 18 counties.


Why CalSAWS needs quality assurance for the CalWIN project

The CalWIN system is a client-based, online, automated eligibility determination, benefit calculation, benefit issuance, and information management system updated in real time. It supports application intake, eligibility and benefits determination, client correspondence, management reports, interfaces, and case management for various programs including the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, and other County social welfare programs on behalf of 18 counties in California.

Over 30,000 users access the system from 800 locations to provide services to approximately 6.4 million clients – more than 40 percent of California’s total caseload. The system helps deliver the benefits on time, enables Counties to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce payment errors, and reduce the overall cost of program administration. CalSAWS was looking for an independent quality assurance partner to help them ensure the system worked as intended.

Quality assurance is seen as not only monitoring operations to avoid problems, but to advise the organization on how to improve and optimize operations.


Engaging Infosys Public Services as a quality assurance partner

CalSAWS engaged Infosys Public Services (IPS) as its quality assurance (QA) partner, leading the independent analysis and oversight of the system operations and maintenance activities.

IPS assembled a team of experts to provide QA services including system development analysis, regression testing and user acceptance testing of the systems delivering the public assistance programs.

As CalSAWS’ independent QA partner, IPS:

  • Reviews the quality of systems, deliverables, work products, and maintenance and operational services to monitor and evaluate compliance and timely performance of the Maintenance & Operations (M&O) vendor.
  • Identifies situations, occurrences, and deficiencies where the M&O vendor deviates from schedules and standards.
  • Reports any identified problems, gaps, and proposed solutions to the CalSAWS CalWIN Project Executive Director and monitors the resolution of the issues and deficiencies according to recommended directions and timeframes.
IPS leveraged proprietary tools such as Test Script Generator, SLA  Assessment Framework, and Unified Functional Testing Automation to accelerate various quality assurance activities and ensure 100% coverage of all programs and processes.

During the ongoing pandemic, rapid changes were made to enable emergency benefits such as Emergency Allotment for SNAP, Emergency SNAP Benefits during the California fires and subsequent power shutdowns. When the pandemic ends, IPS will assure that these temporary changes do not prevent operations from returning to the pre-pandemic normal with the same quality as before.

“Over 6 million people depend on the timely issuance of benefits. Infosys Public Services has been supporting accuracy and effective delivery of these benefits for the last two years. I appreciate the technical knowledge IPS brings to the team, it helps balance out the CalWIN team as a whole. IPS has dedicated, knowledgeable, efficient staff members. They are always looking for opportunities for improvement in processes and operations and open for feedback. IPS works in partnership with our project and vendor teams to ensure a quality product. Over the past three years the knowledge they have acquired has made them an invaluable resource. Their efforts have contributed to better code releases, and a more stable application on the behalf of our counties.”

~ Diane Alexander, Executive Director, CalWIN

“The great thing about working with CalWIN is their daily operational excellence combined with an embrace of progressive change and active process improvement. Infosys QA is all about making the process better, not finding fault to blame. CalWIN and Infosys make a great team to deliver benefits to the California constituents.”

~ Rick Brady, Head of Government Healthcare, Infosys Public Services

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