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Embarking on a New Modernization Project in 2023? Streamline Efforts with a DevSecOps Approach

State and local government (SLG) serve constituents when they need it the most, from securing a driver’s permit or marriage license, to a source of crucial information about health, taxes and more. Influenced by user-friendly retail apps and commercial customer experiences, Californians expect these software-powered interactions to be simple, secure, and efficient in their touchpoints for life’s critical moments.

Recognizing this, states are beginning to invest in IT modernization through efforts like California’s Technology Modernization Fund, which offered an initial round of funding for state projects in late 2021. However, when utilizing these funds, SLG departments need an approach to rapidly get innovative software and programs in front of the state’s nearly 40 million residents.

DevSecOps—practices that combine development, security and operations to rapidly and securely develop software—allow developers to release code twice as fast as traditional methods, in turn, more quickly updating and creating systems designed to support constituents. What once took months to produce can now be developed, tested, and delivered to a citizen’s hands in weeks. In addition, for states looking to utilize the cloud to accelerate modern software deployment, acquiring a flexible development platform that facilitates streamlined deployments across multiple cloud vendors can ensure faster, more predictable, and highly secure rollouts.

To meet dynamic citizen expectations, states and localities can make the most of DevSecOps by utilizing a flexible single, complete DevOps platform, prioritizing a secure supply chain and culturally preparing their organization.

DevSecOps Platform Approach  

Principles of automation, continuous integration and delivery, and quick response to feedback generate DevSecOps success. This is most effective when all necessary functions are integrated on one platform.

Too often, developers are forced to create a DIY solution, integrating tools that aren’t built into the platform to complete tasks—introducing inefficiencies, potential vulnerabilities and increasing risk to the organization and toolchain.

To support developers and rapidly drive development, IT departments need a DevOps platform that offers a single application with all necessary tools and functions, powered by a cohesive, cloud-agnostic user interface. Utilizing a DevSecOps approach built on a single code base enables more secure, consistent, and efficient software development.

Importance of Security  

For government departments that are stewards of constituents’ sensitive information, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of security. According to NASCIO, cybersecurity will be the top priority for state CIOs in 2023. When built into the DevOps platform, security is constantly validated throughout the development process without slowing down development.

Constituents' expectations around security and digital experiences are rapidly growing, but so are the tools available to support digital interactions between the government and its people. By investing the time and resources required to implement a single platform-based DevSecOps approach, SLG organizations will be well-positioned to keep pace with constituent expectations and needs.

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