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How can government leaders evaluate risks necessary to reopen their economies?

How CGI's ReOpen/StayOpen Portal for Government can improve communication and transparency as state and local economies reopen in the wake of COVID-19

As private citizens and businesses look to government for assistance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more public sector leaders are realizing the major benefits technology can bring to providing much needed aid, opening the lines of communication and helping restore overall trust between government and stakeholders. 

The challenge: Economic impact of a public health crisis

The onset of the pandemic brought with it stay at home orders and restrictions on businesses operations - the impact of which may be felt for years to come. People dealing with the influx of sometimes conflicting information are wary to re-enter the workforce or patronize businesses. Government leaders are dealing with how best to manage possible revenue shortfalls and other unforeseen economic impacts of the pandemic.

It is impossible to address the economic crisis simply by infusing more capital into the U.S. economy. Rebuilding the public faith that governments have a strategic plan and a roadmap for public safety requirements allowing businesses to reopen safely is a moving target. Rebuilding the public trust that businesses are heeding these requirements and investing in the changes needed to protect their employees and patrons’ health and safety starts with open and transparent communication.

Constituents are looking to their government leaders to develop a strategic plan to reopen the economy while continuing to protect the safety and health of the public. Balancing these two priorities is no easy task and governments need a mechanism to communicate to their constituents that:

• There are clearly defined requirements to implement health and safety guidelines that will protect residents as they start to patronize physical businesses.

• Businesses are complying with these requirements and investing in changes required to help protect the health of their patrons.

How can this public-private issue be addressed quickly and transparently?

The solution: ReOpen/StayOpen portal

CGI has developed a comprehensive approach to supporting governments and businesses as they work together to reopen during this crisis. This solution provides a ready-to-deploy website that serves as an open line of communication between government, businesses and residents that is pre-loaded with vital, real-time federal and state public health and safety requirements.

Features include:

Risk scores – At-a-glance features to quickly see potential risks broken down by category: preparedness, sanitization, employee health, and external parameters

• Deploys a proprietary algorithm using artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate new data points to drive policy making, education, and outreach initiatives

Regulation repository – A continuously refreshed repository of COVID-19 guidelines, from federal, state, and local governments. These guidelines are delineated by sector and further categorized as follows:

• COVID-19 preparedness guidelines

• Sanitization guidelines

• Employee/customers/citizens health guidelines

Real-time early warnings and rapid response engine – Using data from check-in, check-out, self-assessments and workflow forms as well as COVID-19 statistics from external data sources, the ReOpen/StayOpen Portal generates real-time recommendations to lower risk and increase safety within the communities or facilities being managed

COVID-19 self-assessments – Allows businesses to report on the status of implementing COVID-19 guidelines. The data is used to calculate risk and provide early warning recommendations

COVID-19 self-inspection app – Allows business managers to conduct daily inspections and monitor how well they are keeping up with the federal, state, and local government guidelines and regulations

Dashboard and analytics – Detailed and automatically refreshed dashboards help government leaders quickly and easily assess the status and current risk for specific areas, communities, or individual businesses 

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