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How static is your cloud application? Consider Infrastructure-as-Code!

Save money, time, avoid costly mistakes. These are the selling points behind Infrastructure-as-Code and you can get started today.

Have you migrated or built an application in the cloud within the last couple years using Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, or both? If so, were you fortunate enough to realize the benefit of templatizing your application so your team can effectively deploy new environments and even provision/reprovision on a schedule for cost savings? If not, this message is for you!

All cloud deployments should start with infrastructure-as-code (IaC). Why is this important you ask? You cannot effectively deploy multiple environments (test, development, stage, prod, etc..) without having a repeatable template that “makes up” your application. Your projects may take longer, leave you open to security threats due to misconfigurations, and will likely cost more than a modern IaC-driven application. For example, you cannot effectively “turn off” an environment if it was not built using a code-based solution. Those who start with IaC are setup from the beginning to spin up environments during development cycles and turn them off when not in use, saving time and money.

Prodigy Consulting, a Sacramento-based IT services firm specializing in modern cloud-based solutions, DevOps, automation, and HashiCorp’s Terraform, has developed a repeatable approach for helping State organizations deploy new cloud applications, but also retroactively build IaC solutions for existing cloud applications. 

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Prodigy Consulting LLC. (Prodigy) is a Sacramento-based firm that was founded on a collective 16 years of leading cloud-based projects in the State of California.