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Prodigy Consulting LLC. (Prodigy) is a Sacramento-based firm that was founded on a collective 16 years of leading cloud-based projects in the State of California. Prodigy specializes in offering the latest and most modern solutions to cloud and on-premises IT challenges. Prodigy partners with customers to understand, adopt, and operationalize emerging technologies to drive value and results within your organization. Core competencies start with years of providing Microsoft Cloud and Azure services, to now accelerating an organization's ability to provide and support hybrid and multi-cloud services. Whether it be automation, security, architecture, governance, operations, or project management - we're striving to help clients be successful. Prodigy is a Certified Small Business, a provider on CMAS, and CalPERS Spring-Fed Pool.

Prodigy Consulting's Complimentary Azure Cost Assessment service offers an in-depth analysis to reduce Azure spend, focusing on Reserved Instances, Licensing, Cost Management Tools and Scalability, while educating customers for sustained cost efficiency.
Prodigy's Azure Managed Service was designed for Government with the goal of accelerating cloud adoption without sacrificing best practices, security, or cost.
Sacramento Azure Meetup's second in-person event of 2023, this time with development.
Come join the SacAzure community for the first in-person event of 2023! The topic is "Migrate and Modernize in 2023". Regardless of your skill level or the phase of cloud adoption you're at, this event will have useful information and provide a forum for knowledge sharing and collaboration.
Kick off the new year by leveling up your Azure knowledge by joining Sacramento's Azure Meetup Group
Prodigy Consulting combines the best of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and the FinOps methodology to help large organizations mature their cloud financial management practice.
Today’s cloud-native applications are made up of many services, most of which aren’t Virtual Machines, there’s many integration points, and it takes a lot of manual time and effort to deploy them all. Enter Infrastructure-as-Code.
Address challenges with Agile adoption head on, our consultants share some insight on how Prodigy is helping public sector transform their PM processes.
SacAzure Monthly Meetup, Microsoft presents Azure Sentinel, Cloud, AI, and the future of SecOps. Join us!
Prodigy Consulting partners with State agencies to accelerate Azure adoption without sacrificing design, security, or operations
Prodigy Consulting, a Sacramento-based cloud services firm, is proud to announce that it's achieved the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform competency.
Save money, time, avoid costly mistakes. These are the selling points behind Infrastructure-as-Code and you can get started today.