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Prodigy Helps State Departments Improve Agile Processes

Address challenges with Agile adoption head on, our consultants share some insight on how Prodigy is helping public sector transform their PM processes.

Agile methodologies are gaining traction across the State in agencies and departments of all sizes and verticals. The benefits of transforming your project management approach to align with agile is undisputable and results in the development of faster, more accurate solutions that improve government and citizen services. While the benefits are understood, the process of adopting agile and refining your practice doesn’t come without challenges.

Benefits from routine activities such as the daily stand-ups can easily become overshadowed by seemingly endless backlog grooming meetings, refinement, and unfamiliarity with modern project management tools such as Azure DevOps. Second, valuable feedback from product testing can get lost in extensive user stories, inaccurate acceptance criteria, or several other common faults.

Prodigy is helping State departments improve agile operations and navigate these challenges by striking the right balance for your organization. We assess your current practice, challenges, areas for improvement, and provide the training, guidance, and recommendations for real improvement.

Examples of strategies we’ve employed for organizations include:

                    Implement methods and controls for preserving stand-up and sprint cycle time duration, avoid delays and distractions

                    Testing strategies tailored to your project team, skills, and resource availability

                    Coaching and guidance for IT and program staff to incorporate agile into current processes

                    Build process for keeping executives up to date with reoccurring, regular status updates using various forms of communication

                    Training on Azure DevOps as a PM tool for business analysts, scrum masters, and project managers

Prodigy Consulting is a Sacramento-based small business and Microsoft Gold Partner providing technical and project management services to the State of California. For more information, contact Daniel Bender at

Prodigy Consulting LLC. (Prodigy) is a Sacramento-based firm that was founded on a collective 16 years of leading cloud-based projects in the State of California.