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Prodigy’s Answer to Cloud Cost Management Challenges

Prodigy Consulting combines the best of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and the FinOps methodology to help large organizations mature their cloud financial management practice.

It’s no mystery that growing adoption of public-cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, demand transformative change across the organization, and cost management is no exception. Cloud services such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) have given enterprises the ability to build and scale workloads quickly, enabling development teams to produce impactful solutions faster than previously possible. With this speed and scale comes new challenges regarding cost management. Traditional processes for tracking IT costs between operations, business units, and programs aren’t always conducive to the dynamic and utility-based cost models associated with cloud computing.  


Frequent challenges include:

  • Lack of insights into cloud billing through dashboards, reports, and analytics 
  • No clear roles and responsibilities for the entire billing lifecycle
  • Lack of a comprehensive tagging scheme for accountability and charge back 
  • Too much demand on cloud SMEs to dissect cloud bills and provide reports 
  • Undefined processes for incorporating cloud cost management into change management 
  • Lack of governance and controls on cloud platforms to prevent cost overrun  

Prodigy is a Microsoft Gold Partner based in Sacramento California and specializes in helping public-sector organizations be successful in all stages and facets of cloud adoption. At Prodigy, we’ve helped countless State agencies and departments implement architecture and governance best practices in Azure. It quickly became apparent that regardless of how well-tuned your Azure environment is, without the accompanying processes, growth is hindered due to persistent challenges and hesitation due to cost management.  


To accelerate this transformation and allow organizations to better handle cloud growth, Prodigy has developed a repeatable project based on the FinOps and Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) methodologies. FinOps is an evolving cloud financial management discipline and cultural practice that enables organizations to get maximum business value by helping engineering, finance, technology, and business teams to collaborate on data-drive spending decisions. 


“Helping State Departments and Agencies be successful with adopting Microsoft Cloud technologies has been our focus since day one. Cost management has always been at the forefront of cloud adoption discussions and continues even after organizations have several successful projects under their belt. Our answer to cost management is to provide the consultative services needed to assess current-state controls and processes, recommend changes, and accompany that with a deep level of Azure expertise. Our goal is to make departments successful by preventing unnecessary cloud costs and to allow more unincumbered cloud growth” – Kyle Green, Co-Founder Prodigy Consulting 


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Prodigy Consulting LLC. (Prodigy) is a Sacramento-based firm that was founded on a collective 16 years of leading cloud-based projects in the State of California.