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Qumulo Launches NFSv4.1: What You Need to Know

Data security and privacy are major concerns of any organization — but especially for state and local governments. Storage Administrators have increasingly become focused on knowing exactly who is accessing critical data storage systems and safeguarding what data they are able to access and modify. Here's what you need to know about NFSv4.1 with Qumulo

Solving the secure file data access and collaboration problem for government agencies


To help government agencies simplify and secure data collaboration amongst large and diverse groups of users, Qumulo has built a new NFSv4.1 protocol stack to support workloads that need stronger security than what is currently provided by NFSv3. Qumulo supports Network File System protocol version 4.1 in the latest version of Qumulo® Core. Support for NFSv4.1 is also included in Qumulo Core version 4.3.0 at no additional cost.


Previously, Qumulo has only provided support for version 3 of the NFS protocol. With NFSv4.1, the version of the NFS protocol is able to support strong cryptographic authentication mechanisms via Kerberos, as well as defense from man-in-the-middle attacks, and encryption over the wire. NFSv4.1 provides visibility and the ability to modify Windows-like ACLs for detailed permissions control on files and directories. IT managers can delegate data access control to a project owner/end user so the project owner can give specific individuals access. Data is only accessible to collaborators who are added to the ACL by the project owner/end user.


Qumulo offers cross-protocol permissions (XPP) support to automatically manage complex permissions across protocols. NFSv4.1 supports XPP out-of-box, eliminating the complexity of managing multiple security contexts across NFSv4.1 in addition to SMB, NFSv3, and our other supported protocols. Why is this important? This allows agencies to bring workgroups together so that any user can work on any file from any platform without maintaining file permissions.


Collaborate with seamless file access to your data across applications


Qumulo cloud customers can take advantage of NFSv4.1 on any of their workloads in AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. NFSv4.1 is ideal for cloud environments with additional complexities of networking security groups, load balancers, and higher latency. NFSv4.1 uses one network port, as opposed to 3-5 for NFSv3, greatly simplifying cloud network configuration. The protocol also batches more work together in a single request, to help with data transfer throughput on high-latency links.


NVSv4.1 comes standard with a Qumulo software subscription and incremental software releases are available to customers every two weeks. Qumulo’s continuous innovation/continuous delivery (CI/CD) release cycle ensures customers don’t have to wait for new features. The NFSv4.1 protocol will support all features available on Qumulo’s NFSv3 implementation, plus ACLs and Kerberos network protocol authentication.


About Qumulo

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