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Qumulo is the leader in enterprise-proven hybrid cloud file storage and file services, providing real-time visibility, scale and control of your data across on-prem and the cloud. The Qumulo experience makes storage simple, with continuous new features, a single solution for all workloads, and access to customer success experts on your schedule.

Healthcare digital transformation and IT modernization initiatives were slowly gathering steam prior to the COVID-19 pandemic but with the global health emergency have now taken on additional urgency. Government healthcare agencies find themselves facing pressure to transform patient care with modern technology and, in some cases, with additional resources and support to drive the required initiatives. In the US, Veterans Affairs is leading efforts to take advantage of technological innovation and an increasing number of Veterans Integrated Services Networks (VISNs) are implementing things like advanced imaging in order to improve the delivery of care and experience for their patients.
The shift to telecommuting has accelerated digitization, making organizations more data hungry but making it harder to protect them. The capacities of many traditional backup solutions are very often exceeded due to the volumes of data created in a day. Data files in certain industries are often unique and irreplaceable, leading to high stakes. Any failure or attack against file data can have serious consequences. To mitigate these risks, we encourage enterprises to consider a three-pronged approach to backup and secure file data at scale.
Qumulo Recover Q is our new disaster recovery solution that helps organizations minimize the attack surface that ransomware attackers target. Recover Q leverages disaster recovery in the cloud or on premise to resume operations quickly, and includes our foundational features such as erasure coding, snapshots, and replication in addition to market leading data analytics, performance, and scale to our customers.
File data is the innovation engine of business today. One only has to think of the advances brought on with genetic sequencing, modeling, simulations, medical imaging technology (PACS), diagnostic imagery, surveillance, or even group shares and home directories to grasp the sheer value to be unlocked by the zettabytes of unstructured data now in creation.
Qumulo, the leader in data storage and management at scale, announced a new Qumulo® Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver to unlock applications built on Kubernetes clusters. Applications created for Kubernetes, an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containers, can now seamlessly integrate storage creation and management as part of their workflows and effectively store and retrieve data through the integration with the new Qumulo CSI driver.
Backing up unstructured file data comes with obstacles. The size and complexity of individual files make it time-consuming to identify which files are modified or need protecting, and traditional backup solutions are not cut out to sustain the increasing volume of data perpetually being created. But protecting your valuable file data doesn’t have to be daunting, especially with help from Qumulo. We're sharing the five best ways to incorporate massive-scale file data backup and recovery tactics into your systems.
Qumulo’s file data platform is available in the AWS Marketplace for AWS GovCloud (US) – a solution for the public sector to manage unstructured data at scale with compliance and control
Qumulo on Azure is now available in all US regions, making it easy for customers in the US to deploy storage close to their workload regardless of where they are located within the US, reducing latency between on premises and cloud-based deployments.
Data security and privacy are major concerns of any organization — but especially for state and local governments. Storage Administrators have increasingly become focused on knowing exactly who is accessing critical data storage systems and safeguarding what data they are able to access and modify. Here's what you need to know about NFSv4.1 with Qumulo
Qumulo named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage for the fourth year in a row!
Learn why HPE, Commvault & Qumulo are the perfect 1, 2, 3 for a high performance, fully protected, file data platform.
Ransomware has quickly emerged as one of the biggest cybersecurity threats facing state and local government agencies. Numerous government entities have been victims of attacks over the past few years, and these incidents are notoriously costly. Taking simple steps to mitigate risk can help government agencies secure mission-critical IT infrastructure and protect constituent data.
What's your ransomware mitigation plan? Taking simple steps to secure IT infrastructure and data can help state and local governments combat ransomware attacks against mission-critical and constituent data. Join the discussion!
Join us on October 13th to learn how you can prepare your data for natural disasters, ransomware, and routine failures and how Qumulo Recover Q can help.
The RCSD implemented a new file data system that enables it to access the real-time data it needs to improve public safety.
Join Qumulo for an exclusive virtual event with technical experts & customers to see how our file data platform radically simplifies enterprise data management.
Gartner, Inc. positioned Qumulo in the 2020 Leaders quadrant for the third consecutive year based on its ability to execute and its completeness of vision.
Qumulo now offering data security features for highly regulated public and private sector organizations across on-prem, private, and public cloud.
With the explosive growth of the cloud, it’s imperative that IT leaders within state and local government organizations find success on their cloud journey.
State and local governments have been among the leading proponents of video surveillance technology