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SimpliGov Announces Standardized Connector for Seamless Data Exchange with its Workflow Automation Platform

SimpliGov's universal connector streamlines database integration with the SimpliGov automation platform. State and local government can seamlessly incorporate external data into SimpliGov forms and workflows without the time and expense of custom API development.

Sacramento, Calif. – June 25, 2024 – SimpliGov, a leader in government workflow automation and digital transformation for state and local government, announced the upcoming release of a direct universal connector for greater facilitation of database integration with the SimpliGov platform.

The universal API provides a database-agnostic interface that enables SimpliGov to access data from virtually any data source that supports open database connectivity (ODBC). Smarter integration solutions eliminate costly development and support charges incurred with consultants and custom front-end APIs.

The SimpliGov connector makes it possible to integrate data from decades-old databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, as well as any other database that supports ODBC. The result is high-efficiency operations that rapidly bridge the gap to legacy and enterprise data stores.

Enterprise integrations enable external data source mapping to dynamically populate digital form fields and data fields within SimpliGov workflows. They allow agencies to export HR, financial, procurement, or other critical data into SimpliGov immediately, either directly in standalone format or within automated forms and workflows.

Data integration opportunities with the SimpliGov platform are countless; however, some real-world examples include:

  •       Validation of up-to-date licensure with a governing body inside or outside the public sector (automotive, social services, construction)
  •       Retrieval of basic account or demographic information (address, account number)
  •       Direct access to HR systems for employment verification
The ability to utilize data from multiple sources creates deeper insights into processes to make more informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

“Easy integration, fast implementation, and quick time-to-value have always been hallmarks of our solutions, and SimpliGov is continually advancing our technology to maximize the value of our customers’ data,” said David O’Connell, CEO, SimpliGov. “Our universal connector allows agencies to begin presenting important data to constituents and employees straight away in a secure, cost-effective manner without the need for technical IT resources.”

The universal connector is scheduled for general release in July 2024.

About SimpliGov

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