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SimpliGov Integrates with Okta to Create New Possibilities for Government

SimpliGov has formed a technology alliance with Okta, a leader in access management.

SimpliGov has formed a technology alliance with Okta, a leader in access management. Now part of the Okta Integration Network, SimpliGov has integrated its cloud-based, government online forms and process automation platform with the Okta Identity Cloud, which enables government to provide citizens the ability to have simple and secure access to resources they need, from any device at any time.  

Recognized by Gartner as the Access Management market leader, Okta is the identity standard for modernizing government, while SimpliGov is the standard for government process automation.  Okta and SimpliGov complement each other very well, bringing together best-in-class access management with best-in-class government workflow automation, along with integrated electronic signatures.   

Okta securely enables access for all users – government employees and citizens – regardless of location, device or network, making web and mobile access compliant and frictionless.  Identity management is important in a cloud-based service model for a government to deliver services to citizens more cost-effectively, more conveniently and more transparently.   

An integrated picture of the citizen (end-user) can be built with the Okta capabilities, driving a better user experience and ensuring that the citizen is consistently recognized across the government digital system, with the citizen’s privacy protected.   

With this advancement in identity management, it is a natural evolution to connect the consolidated identity of each citizen to increasing efficiency of filling out online forms.  We’re seeing a growing demand for online forms to be pre-filled, leveraging the fact that the citizen is recognized across the system.  

SimpliGov agrees with Okta that a shared cloud infrastructure creates new possibilities for government.  It allows different departments within government to share data and functionality, centrally managing users and related authentication practices – all viewed on a consolidated dashboard.  Health, housing, justice, education and other government departments can work together in coordinated ways.   

SimpliGov has already had success with this centralized approach to bridge the gaps between the silos within government, and it plans to extend its reach by partnering with existing Okta customers in government to match process automation and online forms with the identity management, whether they are building a new citizen-facing portal or unifying a variety of different services.   

In this unified model, SimpliGov enables the capturing of consent at key points of citizens interacting with the government to access public services and support. SimpliGov also gives the ability to automate manual and legacy processes that are outdated, clunky and not applicable anymore in a cloud-based model of digital government. 

Okta and SimpliGov bring together complementary capabilities.   


  • Okta automates time-consuming authentication tasks, such as password reset requests and provisioning; SimpliGov automates the business processes of government.   
  • Okta grants end-users useful self-service options; SimpliGov provides self-service online forms that give citizens a better experience and make life easier for government employees who manage the processes for which the forms are needed.   
  • Users have a significantly easier time managing their identities and the forms that need to be used, while IT can condense a pile of system-specific password reset requests into a single-point, self-service function.  
  • With Okta, users can utilize the same credentials across an agency’s local and cloud-based applications with Single Sign-On, regardless of source.  
  • Okta also makes it easier for government agencies and departments to transition from legacy systems to the cloud; likewise, SimpliGov helps government transition from legacy workflows, paper forms and PDFs to the benefits of a cloud-based solution.   


View of the screen that the user sees as a result of the SimpliGov and Okta integration. 


By SimpliGov becoming part of the Okta Integration Network, government agencies have the assurance that they can make better use of the proven, no-code SimpliGov with pre-built integration in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud models, benefitting both citizens (end-user clients) and government works alike.  Not only can legacy systems be connected to modern cloud-based platforms, but government processes can also be simplified.   


For more information about SimpliGov or to see a demo, go to  Follow SimpliGov  on LinkedIn and Twitter.   

The SimpliGov Automation Platform is a cloud-based, SaaS solution, that empowers our local, state and federal organizations to rapidly develop and implement eForm, e-signature, and workflow solutions. We are a "no code" solution that empowers lines of business to own and maintain their own processes.