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Taking on Hard Tasks for the Right Reasons

“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” - Norman Schwarzkopf

Here at VIP, we like doing the hard part. We know the right thing is often times the hardest and that is where we thrive. At VIP, we are focused on two industries: state/local government and commercial. Our methodology is to digitally transform these sectors with the right solutions for the improvement of business. To better assist the government and commercial sectors with modernizing their systems, VIP offers program and project management solutions.  We take a closer look at business process design and determine how ready each organization is to take that step toward digital modernization. Once there is an apparent need and desire for this transformation, the team at VIP appropriately implements the solutions based on what fits best into the environment.

Digital transformation is an important, demanding topic and is at the forefront of many strategies. During the pandemic, many companies were forced to move their operations, as well as their workforce, online. Now that the world has slowly adjusted to the way it was pre-pandemic, it has become apparent that the digital age is only developing further and is here to stay. The challenge that many organizations face is adjusting to that change in a timely manner while trying to avoid falling behind competitors. Not only can it be difficult to adapt and modernize processes, but it can also be challenging for everyone in an organization to share the same mindset and be willing to change what once was. According to a 2022 Statista survey, 74% of respondents listed digital transformation as a key priority in their organization. There are many ways to tackle this movement head-on and VIP has several solutions to help our government and commercial customers achieve their objectives.

Partners are everything to us, which is why we have formed close relations with a host of partners to deliver solutions that will optimize operational processes and drive positive results. We love modernizing legacy systems, but we love it more when we can take what exists today and make it better. This, in turn, also reduces cost while fostering collaboration. We provide technical solutions in the following fields: case management, enterprise content management/automation, financial/enterprise resource planning/enterprise asset management, public safety/CAD/RMS, cybersecurity/identity management, data analytics, business intelligence and licensing/permitting. Our team holds many certifications, ranging from Scrum Master to Project Management. Moving from on premise solutions to cloud-based SaaS can be daunting, but VIP’s expert talent and solutions will bring the journey full circle so we help utilize resources more effectively, thereby improving efficiencies.

To learn more about our areas of expertise and who we’re partnered with to deliver each solution, check out the link below or send us an email at

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VIP helps its customers strengthen mission outcomes by combining deep industry specialization, agility to adapt as needed, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. VIP empowers customers to modernize systems and experiences with leading technology solutions through our systematic and repeatable system integration and time-tested delivery methodology. VIP addresses the complexity of digital transformation nationwide for customers such as California Department of Consumer Affairs, Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services, Oregon Department of State Lands, Nevada Department of Public Safety, and Fairfax County. Since 1996, VIP has worked with over 1,200 public sector and commercial customers.