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The Value of Partnership–Why Choosing the Right Vendor is Important for Government Agencies

Government agencies rely heavily on technology vendors and partners to deliver an optimal experience for both citizens and employees. However, choosing the wrong vendor can lead to frustrations, inefficiencies, and costly downtime that erodes trust. With a customer-centric approach built on tailored solutions, CORE is committed to fostering a seamless payment experience that benefits citizens and empowers government agencies. By prioritizing real-time support, secure payment solutions, and end-to-end revenue cycle management, CORE establishes itself as the trusted partner enabling the modernization of citizen services.

Poor technology choices can lead to frustrating experiences for citizens, back office employees, and front office staff - resulting in lost trust, inefficiencies, and costly downtime.

When agencies partner with the right vendor like CORE, everyone wins through:

  1. Quick resolution for any problems with robust support channels like a U.S-based support team, phone/email support, after-hours support, and a ticketing system.
  2. Better training during implementation through test environments, admin training, and online courses to ensure staff can effectively use the new technology.
  3. Faster technology adoption by configuring solutions to meet each agency's specific processes and needs through discovery, design planning, system configuration, and quality testing.
  4. Easier technology transitions with over 400 integrations to connect to existing systems, end-to-end revenue management capabilities, and secure payment solutions exceeding PCI compliance.

CORE is committed to true partnership through customized solutions, thorough training, real-time support, and an extensive suite of integration capabilities - all aimed at delivering a seamless experience for citizens and government employees.

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Designed to standardize and optimize your revenue collections, the CORE payments and engagement platform brings together revenue and payment management, secure payment gateways, automated reconciliation, and a comprehensive citizen engagement solution, robust integrations – all supported by comprehensive analytics that drive insight into your critical revenue-related workflows. From initial request to final delivery, CORE’s powerful solution helps you deliver a cohesive, frictionless citizen experience that automates the entire lifecycle of securely accepting and reconciling payments. With CORE, a secure PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant solution, you consolidate multiple payment workflows and engagement systems into a single, authoritative enterprise application.  Organizations that leverage the CORE payments and engagement platform will capture revenue and delight citizens.