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Workforce Management: The complete guide to workforce planning strategy

The way we view work has changed, and organizations are moving past traditional systems. In this guide, learn how leaders can intelligently manage operations so it’s easier to make decisions that are better for the business and the workforce.

The way businesses run has changed. The pandemic caused widespread social and economic impact on the workforce. From The Great Resignation to the rise in labor unionization efforts at organizations like Amazon, The New York Times, and John Deere’s 2021 strike action, a growing number of workers are sending a clear sign to employers that working conditions need to be better.

Business continuity and agility aren’t possible without the right people to get the job done, yet it’s become more difficult to retain workers and maintain operational efficiency.

When leaders don’t have visibility into their workforce performance, worker retention and labor costs are hard to control. Without the right systems in place to match labor to demand, organizations can’t keep up with changing business conditions either.

Workers are likely to jump ship if they don’t have a predictable schedule that supports their wellness and lifestyle. Not to mention, growing compliance complexity opens organizations up to increased risk and difficulty keeping up with ever-changing requirements.

Organizations need a workforce management system that makes it easier to plan for tomorrow’s next disruption. The following guide will help you overcome some of the main challenges of the changing world of work and discover benefits for employees and your organization.

What’s covered in this guide:

Chapter 1: Controlling labor costs and making smarter staffing decisions

Chapter 2: Increasing scheduling flexibility for employee wellbeing

Chapter 3: Supporting compliance and reducing risk

Chapter 4: Improving the employee experience to support your workforce

Chapter 5: Managing workforce payroll across regions

Chapter 6: Choosing workforce management software

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