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Telos Corporation is an information technology leader that offers solutions to empower and protect the world’s most security-conscious enterprises.

We protect our customers’ information assets on-premises and in the cloud so they can safely conduct their global missions. We empower them with secure solutions that leverage mobile communication, organizational messaging, and identity management.

Telos serves commercial enterprises, the military, civilian and intelligence agencies of the federal government, and allied nations around the world. Our solutions and services are available through GSA schedule and leading federal contracting vehicles. We develop and deliver solutions in the following areas:

Cybersecurity: capabilities that assure your information, systems, and networks, including the Xacta® cyber risk management suite to assure the ongoing security, integrity, and compliance of your IT systems, and Telos Ghost® to reduce your organization’s attack surface with obfuscation, encryption, and managed attribution.

Cloud security: solutions and services that smooth your move to the cloud and protect your cloud-based assets by enabling continuous compliance with industry and government security standards and supporting cloud security engineering, architecture reviews, and other migration services.

Enterprise security: solutions that empower personnel to work and collaborate securely across and beyond the organization, supported by secure communication, identity management and assurance, secure mobility, and network management and defense.

Our solution methodology involves rapid development and continuous innovation in an effort to keep pace with the dynamic and evolving nature of our customers’ requirements. Our solutions can be quickly and efficiently deployed so that our customers can begin benefitting from their capabilities as soon as possible.

Some of the key benefits we offer our customers include:

Protecting and securing assets. Whether we are guarding access to systems, networks, communications, or people, our solutions work to protect what is most important to today’s security-conscious enterprises.

Applying specialized expertise. Our teams of security professionals are some of the industry’s most experienced in the design and operation of communications systems that must be reliable and secured 24/7.

Achieving regulatory compliance. From embedding the latest security standards in our IT risk management software to complying with network security requirements on a particular military base, our solutions give our customers the confidence in their ability to meet established security regulations.

Ensuring the reliability of operations. Our testing is comprehensive, assuring our customers of a dependable product when delivered. Our support is worldwide, extending from help desk resources throughout the country, to field support overseas.

Leveraging customers’ existing infrastructure. Our pre-deployment assessment of our customers’ environments, ranging from secure network site surveys to evaluations of physical security access, assures our customers of the technical and operational compatibility of our solutions while protecting legacy IT investments.

The success of our customers’ missions is vital to the interests of the nation, its allies, and its economic and societal well-being. The performance of their missions relies on information that’s secure, accurate, authentic, and timely. That’s why they turn to Telos.

Col. Steve Corcoran (Ret.) , chief of cyber strategy at Telos Corporation, discusses what needs to be done to successfully defend your organization against a cyber intrusion.
Serving commercial enterprises, regulated industries, and government customers around the world, Telos empowers and protects the world’s most security-conscious organizations. Telos’ offerings include cybersecurity solutions for IT risk management and information security, cloud security continuous compliance solutions, and enterprise solutions for identity and access management, secure mobility, organizational messaging, and network management and defense.