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Since 2000, Delegata has worked with California public sector clients to transform the way that government does business. Our team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and service-oriented experts have a passion for partnering with clients to deliver successes large and small. Our offerings include: Enterprise Architecture | Delegata's "Think Big and Start Small" founding principle emphasizes that all changes to either business or technical environments, no matter how small, must be aligned with the direction in which the business is heading. The Enterprise Architecture COE team at Delegata helps clients define all aspects of their enterprise architecture and helps them develop initiatives for the incremental achievement that targets the implementation of enhanced business capabilities. Data Analytics & Business Intelligence | Delegata believes that information and data are enterprise assets that need constant attention. Business intelligence (BI) is not a technology project; it is a business program with the responsibility to deliver decision information to key staff, to empower their performance. Organizational Change Management | Transformation is about leadership. As organizations become challenged by the need for significant business change, it is important that simple behavior patterns be applied to help those participating in the transformation align with new performance requirements in ways that make them successful and achieves the required outcomes. Project Management & Program Management | Delegata works to increase client capability by developing a solid understanding of project management principles and techniques within the client organization while incorporating a number of solutions to help the business prepare for and manage projects successfully. Delegata also has a program maturity model to help set up new programs or to review existing programs for completeness, alignment of capability and the achievement of required results. Systems Integration & Custom Solutions | As a transformation company, Delegata offers the ability to build custom solutions for its clients. Many packages satisfy basic enterprise needs. However, once the fundamentals are in place, organizations are seeking to refine processes, enhance productivity and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.