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Joel Riphagen

Joel Riphagen has been Senior Adviser to the director of the Financial Information System for California for two years. Previously, he has been a fiscal and policy analyst, project manager and consultant.

  • “As an organization built primarily around the collection, storage and usage of public data owned by other entities, the Department of FI$Cal has important responsibilities in this data-driven world. Those responsibilities include balancing the security and privacy needs of our users against their ability to conveniently use data for their business needs against the public’s right to see how government spends its money.”
  • Officials from the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) who participated in the 10th annual International Open Data Day, also including its Director Miriam Barcellona Ingenito, used the opportunity to educate participants on state spending, seek use cases for state spending data, and to get feedback on their website and its information.
  • "Even with our transparency site displaying data from almost all FI$Cal departments, there is more we can do. That wealth of data is of limited benefit if people don’t understand the best ways to view and access it. ... We want to add an application program interface into Open FI$Cal to allow outside websites and other applications to automatically upload the data as soon as it enters Open FI$Cal each month."
    How might we create a more robust, interoperable human services data ecosystem, using agile methodologies?