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DMV Begins Recruitment for Deputy Director/CIO

“DMV is looking for a new CIO,” DMV Director Steve Gordon announced Monday on LinkedIn. “Join us in transforming the DMV into a digital powerhouse. Make a difference for California!”

Gov. Gavin Newsom appointed DMV Director Steve Gordon, left, in 2019.
The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is recruiting for a new deputy director/chief information officer.

“DMV is looking for a new CIO,” DMV Director Steve Gordon announced Monday on LinkedIn. “Join us in transforming the DMV into a digital powerhouse. Make a difference for California!”

The outgoing deputy director/CIO, Rico Rubiono, who has been with DMV for 31 years, is moving to the California Department of Transportation, where he’ll be the chief of the Application Development and Support Division, said DMV spokesperson Anita Gore.

“Rico has been instrumental in our ongoing transformation to a more modern enterprise,” Gordon said in a statement to Techwire. “He will be missed.”

The deputy director/CIO (Career Executive Assignment) “provides leadership and policy direction for ISD (Information Systems Division) and sponsorship of DMV Modernization programs,” the job posting states. “The deputy director is the principal policymaker for DMV’s IT programs, ensuring the department’s policies are implemented and business and IT strategies are aligned to maximize business performance and to increase overall efficiency of DMV’s systems.”

The DMV handles registration for about 36 million vehicles statewide and takes in more than $11 billion per year in revenue.

The application process requires a Statement of Qualifications, which should detail the applicant’s:

  • Leadership: Describe your demonstrated ability to energize and create a sense of direction, purpose, excitement and momentum for the organization’s mission; and your experience in creating a positive work environment, offering clarity around goals and objectives and ensuring that those who are led work collaboratively to achieve results.
  • Communication skills: Describe your demonstrated ability to present information and express ideas in a clear, confident and convincing manner; and your demonstrated ability to receive, attend to, interpret, and respond in ways that are appropriate to listeners and situations.
  • Results-driven: Describe your experience in focusing efforts to efficiently achieve measurable and customer-driven results consistent with the organization’s mission, goals and objectives; your demonstrated ability to make informed decisions via objective data, research and analysis along with input from team members and key stakeholders as appropriate; and your demonstrated ability to understand government stewardship, make difficult decisions and understand the consequences of actions.
  • Vision and strategic thinking: Describe your demonstrated ability to understand the importance of customer service and support, promote, and ensure alignment with the organization’s vision and values; your demonstrated ability to create a compelling future state of the unit or organization; and your keen understanding of how and when an organization must change based on industry inflection points and other internal and external influences.
  • Talent management: Describe your demonstrated ability to collaborate to achieve common goals and objectives and in using consultation and negotiation skills and creating a work culture that recruits, selects and develops effectively to retain world-class staff.
  • Technology: Describe your experience in enabling the development of the next-generation technologies and platforms that support digital transformation, providing interoperability throughout the product portfolio, and continually adapting IT processes to ongoing changes in the technology and business landscape.
  • Management: Describe your experience in overseeing the creation and management of a product-based delivery model in IT and designing and overseeing the implementation of a blueprint for IT and business collaboration that enables the enterprise to maximize returns from technology investments.

Key responsibilities of the position include policy development and implementation, internal program management, IT governance, executive interaction and external program management, according to the duty statement.

The deputy director/CIO directly supervises four CEA appointees and one assistant division chief/program manager and indirectly supervises over 500 employees through subordinate DMV managers. The deputy director also oversees the DMV Modernization Program, the Digital Experience Platform (DXP), and mission-critical suppliers providing managed services including solutions from AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft and Comcast.

DMV’s five-year strategic plan, which runs through 2026, is available online.

The position has a monthly salary range of $12,028 to $13,657, and the application deadline is Nov. 8.
Dennis Noone is Executive Editor of Industry Insider. He is a career journalist, having worked at small-town newspapers and major metropolitan dailies including USA Today in Washington, D.C.