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State Seeks Director, Staffers for Data System

The California Government Operations Agency is seeking an executive director and two staffers to spearhead the launch of the state’s new Cradle-to-Career Data System.

The state is moving to stand up a wide-reaching, resident-facing data repository created in statute about two years ago and is seeking to hire its director and staffers.

In a call for applicants released Monday and highlighted on Twitter, officials behind the California Cradle-to-Career Data System (C2C) indicated it will launch this fall and needs an executive director.

“Are you a data visionary who deeply understands community, education, and interoperability? California needs you!” the entity said on Twitter. Among the takeaways:

  • The California Government Operations Agency, which will house the C2C, is seeking to hire the system’s executive director (ED), a “dynamic and visionary executive,” per the listing. It calls for a leader “with a demonstrated commitment to providing data that advances equity and outcomes for underserved communities,” who thrives on “collaborating with government officials, data experts, education and social service providers, and the public,” and is a “strategic thinker” who is passionate about collaborating to resolve inequities.
  • According to the job announcement, accessible via the general release, the ED will be responsible for “data services, community engagement strategies, institutional infrastructure,” and the system’s office team. He or she will guide program areas such as operations, legal, data tools, infrastructure and requests, and community engagement, as well as three boards — the Governing Board, the Data and Tools Advisory Board, and the Community Engagement Advisory Board. These programs will deliver the overall office’s mission, including developing operational plans, building and maintaining secure data systems, and engaging with “diverse communities regarding the purpose, design, and use of the data system.” Candidates must have “at least five years of California-specific public education policy knowledge,” and a background in “strategic and equitable leadership.” Applications are due by 11:30 p.m. Oct. 19.
  • C2C was created by the Legislature with the Cradle-to-Career Data System Act in 2019, and augmented last year with a Request for Information from the California Department of Technology that sought information from “state agencies, post-secondary institutions, and technology respondents with experience in developing and managing master data management (MDM) systems” on a “state longitudinal data system to link existing education, social services, and workforce information.” Per its website, C2C “aims to link existing education, workforce, financial aid, and social service information to better equip policymakers, educators, and the public to address disparities in opportunities and improve outcomes for all students throughout the state.” The system’s overall goal is to empower residents to “reach their full potential and foster evidence-based decision-making to help California build a more equitable future” according to the announcement.
  • GovOps also wants to fill three staff positions — one of which, the data architect post, has already closed. The C2C office board liaison (staff services manager III) position closing Wednesday will serve as liaison for the C2C governing and advisory boards and “must be able to understand, condense, and present complex issues to the Executive Director and other staff for consideration by the governing board and advisory boards” according to the job listing. Monthly salary range is $8,545-$9,702. The associate governmental program analyst position closing Friday will provide “consultation and recommendations to management on C2C operational functions,” coordinate “tracking of complex C2C objectives and goals” and “provide associated statistical documentation/reports and keep management apprised of issues from internal and external stakeholders” according to the duty statement, which is accessible through the job listing. Monthly salary range is $5,383-$6,739.
Theo Douglas is Assistant Managing Editor of Industry Insider — California.