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Government Operations Agency

The California Department of Technology initiated an apprenticeship with the union to train employees on how to use IBM zSystems mainframe technology.
The longtime state executive has been elevated to a key role in her former department’s parent agency, the California Government Operations Agency. She was sworn in Monday.
“For the first time, I’ll be coming at this from the other side of the partnership, listening and collaborating to identify and implement technology solutions that meet each group’s unique business and program needs,” Jon Kirkham told Industry Insider — California.
“As the CIO, you will use your extensive knowledge of IT to oversee the development and implementation of IT policies, standards, and practices for the department,” the job posting says. “Your expertise and leadership … will help us achieve our vision to discover technological innovation that serves Californians’ needs.”
Liana Bailey-Crimmins, a veteran of state technology governance, most recently served as the state’s chief technology officer.
Amy Tong, secretary of the California Government Operations Agency, discussed the need for her agency to keep transformation moving forward and to cultivate an innovative culture, in remarks that opened day two of the California Public Sector CIO Academy.
In a new budget change proposal, the Government Operations Agency reveals its plan to merge the Office of Digital Innovation, the Government Excellence and Transformation Center, and the CalData Program into one entity, the Office of Data and Innovation – and how each would function and be staffed.
The California Department of Technology has awarded contracts to two vendors that are expected to enable the state to have materials at the ready when work commences on 3,000 miles of broadband infrastructure, to provide statewide high-speed Internet.
Joy Bonaguro, an award-winning technology executive with experience in the private and public sectors, will discuss her role and the importance of data in the state’s governance.
Strategic plans can offer a clear perspective on how a state or local government wields IT and innovation. This recurring series examines the strategic plans of state entities as well as counties and municipalities.
The governor’s order notes the technology industry’s role in the initiative through use of the Request for Innovative Ideas framework, under which the state fast-tracks the iteration of solutions.
The governor led the ceremony Tuesday elevating the veteran state executive to secretary of the California Government Operations Agency.
Entities with active IT recruitments include the California Employment Development Department, the Office of Digital Innovation, the California Department of Technology and the Department of Motor Vehicles.
“A veteran of state service, Director Tong’s deep experience in the public sector and leadership in the technology field have helped guide key efforts to make government more efficient and effective, including our work to bridge the digital divide and help state agencies navigate complex challenges during the pandemic,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said.
Government Operations Secretary Yolanda Richardson is the third high-profile member of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s leadership team to announce within the past week plans to step down.
The design system is intended to create a consistent look, feel and navigation path, so Californians can more easily find the online information they need across departments and agencies. With a focus on “user experience” (UX), the design system addresses such elements as typography, design style, content and components.
2021 was a year of pivotal change in tech leadership at the state and local levels. A look back at the headlines in California public-sector technology may reveal more about the future of the state’s IT governance than about the past.
Mary Ann Bates, the first director of the Office of Cradle-to-Career Data, is currently a senior fellow in the White House Office of Management and Budget.
State Chief Information Officer Amy Tong, who’s led the California Department of Technology for more than five years, is moving to a new executive role in state government at month’s end.
The two chief positions — one for transformation and digital stabilization, the other for digital identity — are part of the growth promised by state Chief Technology Innovation Officer Rick Klau, who heads the Office of Enterprise Technology.
In a Request for Proposals, the California Office of Digital Innovation indicates it is seeking to hire additional personnel.
Bringing all remaining state agencies and departments into the state’s accounting and budget system means robotic process automation and end-user training will offer key opportunities for vendors to help.
Marybel Batjer, a former secretary of the Government Operations Agency, took over the top job at the California Public Utilities Commission in August 2019. Her term wasn’t due to expire until 2027.
One of the positions is in information security, and the other is in business technology and project management.
The California Government Operations Agency is seeking an executive director and two staffers to spearhead the launch of the state’s new Cradle-to-Career Data System.
The entity selected has a long history of working with state and local government to improve Internet access. Here, it will focus on “developing the fiber network, creating rural exchange points, and collaborating with the California Public Utilities Commission and Caltrans” on, generally, middle-mile broadband.
“Because of our success to date, as well as being the first department in the state to pilot a permanent hybrid telework program, FI$Cal was chosen by the Government Operations Agency’s Center for Government Excellence and Transformation pilot program,” writes FI$Cal Deputy Director Jennifer Maguire.