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The department offers more details on its draft policy, explaining how the robots would be armed.
A 5.1-magnitude earthquake last month revealed intriguing differences in perspective from the actual quake to how cellphones equipped with a warning app saw it.
The local government has let some residents know their personal information may be compromised.
The information of 5,372 Sacramento County Jail inmates was exposed on the Internet for about five months — from late January through early July — before the data was secured.
Los Altos Hills had the necessary ingredients: eager, tech-savvy residents with slow Internet and abundant cash to invest in their homes.
“We have to use technology to help in aiding the efforts with the work that police officers are doing, because we just don’t have the number of officers that we need,” said Mayor Lamar Thorpe.
The county’s Community Development Agency is working with Marin cities and towns in an effort to get them to develop similar policies. As of August, 60 California jurisdictions, including Fairfax and San Anselmo, had adopted ordinances requiring all-electric buildings for new construction.
“This technology will enable us to leverage data to increase efficiency, and to improve public trust and customer satisfaction,” Police Chief Rick Scott said.
The sectors with the biggest job losses in the metro area from August to September were “information” and “professional and business services,” according to the San Francisco Controller’s Office.
All departments are required to provide telework data, but 39 haven’t, according to the Department of General Services’ dashboard.
Tesla’s Autopilot features and its yearslong promise of eventual self-driving capability are a big part of the Texas-based electric automaker’s lofty valuation. Roughly 160,000 Tesla drivers in North America had access to what Tesla calls FSD Beta at the end of the third quarter.
The municipality has taken emergency action following two fatal collisions in August, and held a special meeting last week.
The state’s earthquake early warning system notified nearly 100,000 people that a quake was going to strike Tuesday afternoon near San Jose — and people as far away as San Francisco had as many as 18 seconds to brace themselves before it actually hit.
One San Diego-area company has received money from the U.S. Department of Energy and two grants of $2 million each from the California Energy Commission.
The driverless car company, owned by Google parent company Alphabet, operates similar taxi fleets in two other major western U.S. cities and has been mapping Los Angeles with human drivers since 2019.
The Oakland City Council will set new policies for police that impact how long data from the license plate cameras can be stored.
The San Diego Superior Court judge issued an injunction halting the further release of gun owners’ names while the case continues.
Administrators doubt the pre-2020 status quo will ever return, but concerns remain about the quality of the online experience.
Guidance from the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency is that paying ransomware demands is a mistake that doesn’t guarantee resolution, but districts in a bind have many variables to consider.
The updated maps for the seven counties included new data and improved computer modeling since an earlier series of maps was published 13 years ago.
San Diego’s six-year-old app often gives customers inaccurate, incomplete or confusing information about when the problem they reported will be solved and when there has been progress toward that goal, the 48-page audit says.
The shift to electric buses is part of the city’s work to make public transportation zero-emission by 2030. Sonoma County, where Santa Rosa is the county seat, currently has three in service.
A new law signed last week by Gov. Gavin Newsom forbids California-based businesses from giving up geolocation data, search histories and other personal information in response to out-of-state search warrants, unless those warrants are accompanied by a statement that the evidence sought isn’t connected to an abortion investigation.
“The equipment will be newer, more agile, more reliable, but covers the same area,” said Daniel Milei, chief information officer for the San Luis Obispo County Information Technology Department. “People will be able to respond to incidents much quicker than before.”
The California Department of Technology initiated an apprenticeship with the union to train employees on how to use IBM zSystems mainframe technology.
The ability to monitor in real time was requested by Mayor London Breed and supported by merchants and residents who say police officers need more tools to combat drug dealing and retail theft.
California saw solid gains in leisure and hospitality, health care, social services, technology and construction in 2021, and the state’s economy will be further strengthened by increased defense spending and ongoing demand for technology, a new report says.
“It is important for any organization impacted by ransomware to understand that even if they pay a ransom demand, they will still incur significant IT expense and delays to repair the system. The best action is not to pay the ransom and recover systems from backups,” said Clifford Neuman, director of USC's Center for Computer Systems Security.
$56 million is available to install charging stations throughout the state as a result of federal approval of the California Deployment Plan for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program.
“By adding this service to our website, in partnership with the Identity Theft Resource Center, we are providing real-time support to would-be victims of identity theft,” said District Attorney Summer Stephan.