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When California businesses suffer data breaches, that information, along with notification letters that were sent out if the breach impacted more than 500 people, must be submitted to the state Attorney General’s Office.
The American Data Privacy and Protection Act would create the first nationwide privacy rules for technology companies and others, but a new federal law would supersede the California law passed by voters in 2020.
The personal data of at least 242,727 people who applied for a permit between 2011 and 2021, including at least 140 current or former judges, was made available.
The San Joaquin County Civil Grand Jury has urged those cities to have a variety of business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place to protect themselves against future attacks by the beginning of next year.
A statement from the bank pointed to government acknowledgment that the rapid expansion of pandemic unemployment benefits and programs led to increased fraud, some of it brazen and public, to the tune of billions of dollars.
California’s premier data portal for all things criminal justice remains down more than two weeks after a major data breach involving anyone who tried to get a permit to carry a concealed gun in the state during the past decade.
A second municipality in the state is also moving forward on new tech including license plate readers and computer-aided dispatch.
Muni and BART emerged as among the biggest beneficiaries of the $800 million awarded by the California State Transportation Agency last week for projects meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Two firefighters have devised a tool that enables first responders to access communications, mapping and dispatch in real time. It’s now in use by some 18,000 individuals and fire stations across North America.
Officials at the Northern California local government are working to close the digital divide.
“The city has never before had a single repository for information on the various programs and services that are funded by taxpayer dollars,” said Mayor Todd Gloria. “This new website puts that information at their fingertips.”
Entrepreneurs in blockchain, the digital ledger technology that buttresses Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, say California consumers are on the cusp of a new “blockchain decade.”
Algorithms that predict crime might be used to uncover bias in policing, instead of reinforcing it, according to new research.
Rincon’s grant will be used to increase the access to high-speed Internet service for tribal members on the reservation by obtaining broadband equipment and supporting efforts to increase adoption of the service. The tribe will also use the funding to plan for future broadband infrastructure projects.
The data was exposed when the Department of Justice updated its Firearms Dashboard Portal on Monday, state Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office said in a statement.
A cyber attack against Napa Valley College two weeks ago blocked access to network systems or took them offline. Administrators say they’re approaching full recovery but aren’t there yet.
The highly touted state website that helps people find jobs and businesses fill openings has been out of service all week — and is expected to remain down until after the July 4 holiday.
More Californians are gaining access to broadband Internet, but Black and Latino households still lag behind their white counterparts, according to an analysis of American Community Survey data.
Humboldt County’s Redwood Coast Airport and the Coast Guard station now have a renewable energy microgrid to sustain operations in case of a power outage. The microgrid is the first of its kind in the state.
“If we left it to the court to remove the convictions from local, state and federal databases, they don’t have the resources,” said District Attorney Jeff Rosen. “That’s where we add the Silicon Valley secret sauce. We’ve written code, so that once a clerk pushes a button, everything is expunged.”
State officials have green-flagged the launch of a fare-based ride-hailing business featuring cars with no human driver at the wheel.
As electric vehicles multiply at an ever-faster rate, a reliable supply of public charging stations will be necessary to reach destinations, as well as maintain and grow tourism and allow public access to outdoor recreation areas.
The Inland Empire’s largest municipality recently greenlighted a project to build a 1,690-mile fiber system that would serve as a backbone for the entire city.
The investigation by the California Department of Motor Vehicles into safety issues is headed into its sixth month with no end in sight.
Jeremy Grant, coordinator of the Better Identity Coalition, said some government officials, especially those in law enforcement, would love to use digital licenses for tracking.
A deal for VMware would rank among the biggest-ever acquisitions of a technology company. The industry has been one of the bright spots for bankers in recent months, even as the overall pace of dealmaking slows from 2021’s record pace.
The Novato City Council discussion came after the city received four applications this year from AT&T to build 5G sites. City staff deemed the applications incomplete, though AT&T can resubmit them.
Planes capable of predicting the behavior of wildfires and beaming information directly to crews on the ground in real time have proven invaluable in major disasters across California. Now, they will become a permanent part of firefighters’ arsenals, after attracting millions of dollars in state funding, officials announced Tuesday.
Nearly 23 percent had inoperable screens, payment failures or broken connector cables. On another 5 percent, the cables were too short to reach the vehicles’ charging inlets.
Access to the State Bar Court’s public records has been restored, and the case management portal vulnerability has been corrected.