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The report shows just how much the possibilities of AI, and very real worries, have come to the fore since OpenAI launched its ChatGPT chatbot that sent the artificial intelligence industry into overdrive.
This time around, the vast majority of the layoffs are not in the tech industry, a sector that has been trimming jobs at an elevated pace for more than two years.
The unauthorized individuals had access to users’ personal information, including their name, address, date of birth, part or all of their Social Security number, email address, phone number, EBT card number and other information about their program eligibility and benefits.
TechNet, a trade group that lobbies on behalf of tech companies like Meta and Google with huge investments in AI, says the kinds of disclosures that bill calls for would kneecap the U.S. edge in AI technology.
“The hope is that by it being user-friendly on the back end, we can enhance the experience on the front end as well,” said city public affairs manager Jennifer Carey.
“Whether we like it or not, AI is going to be a dominant technology,” said Khaled Tawfik, San Jose’s chief information officer. “We want to be the leader in discovering the risk and finding ways to mitigate it.”
The data-collection process has helped save coastal communities millions of dollars each year because beaches stay open more often, even after lifeguards get alerts of sharks in the water.
“Everyone is trying to figure out how these tools will impact both short-term and long-term, what we do in universities,” said Tom Andriola, vice chancellor for data and information technology at UCI. “We are looking at it as, ‘How are these tools going to impact and influence the way teaching and learning happens in the future?’”
The app allows California residents and nonresidents to electronically display fishing licenses and sportfishing validations instead of a physical license. Users can also download and read the state wildlife agency’s published regulation booklets and access its websites.
In a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom last week, 40 House members and the state’s two senators emphasized the need for greater state leadership and continued investment, which they said will bring high-paying jobs and large economic growth to California.
Mayor Matt Mahan said San Jose hopes to capitalize on the advantages and cutting-edge technologies being generated by artificial intelligence.
With the primaries in the rearview mirror and the November general election just eight months away, state legislators have introduced bills focusing on the technology’s potential to confuse and deceive voters and otherwise disrupt elections.
If passed, the proposal, which has support from San Francisco officials, would mark the first big update to the state’s regulatory reporting requirements regarding autonomous vehicles since 2018.
Juniper Networks, Lumentum and Catalent have officially notified the state labor agency of upcoming staffing reductions affecting Bay Area workers.
Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed state budget lacks funding for the Telework Compliance Office. The office’s future, and that of the telework data dashboard — a comprehensive picture of remote work at the state — are uncertain.
“We are taking steps to reduce costs across our organization, which has resulted in the elimination of 50 information technology positions in the East Bay,” a Kaiser spokesperson said via email.
The city plan meets all the required climate change goals, but it relies on assumptions of significant resource acquisition, capital upgrades, infrastructure improvements and technology advancements that may not pan out.
Over the one-year period that ended in June 2023, Silicon Valley added about 2,700 jobs, the report determined. That’s a sharp slowdown from the 88,000 jobs the region added during the one-year period that ended in June 2022.
The most recent layoffs disclosed by the tech titan will affect Cisco workers in San Jose, Milpitas and San Francisco, according to official notices the company sent to the state Employment Development Department.
When it comes to ensuring the multibillion-dollar AI industry succeeds in their respective cities, San Francisco and San Jose are taking starkly different approaches to attracting companies.
AI has California voters worried this election cycle. Just over 5 in 10 said they are concerned about their jobs being replaced by AI, according to a December survey by Politico and Morning Consult.
Despite the brutal impact of the ongoing regional layoffs, the current staffing reductions are nowhere close to the cataclysm that demolished the region’s tech industry during the dot-com meltdown two decades ago.
Categories where cuts might be made include business and labor, criminal justice, education, health and human services, housing and homelessness, resources and environment and transportation.
In July 2023, Cisco employed 84,900 workers worldwide, according to an annual report the tech company filed with the SEC. It’s not yet known to what extent the worldwide job cuts would affect Cisco workers in the Bay Area.
“If we don’t fix this, none of our plans, regardless of how good they are, will come to pass because consumers won’t accept EVs without a reliable EV infrastructure,” said Frank Menchaca, president of sustainable mobility solutions at the Society of Automotive Engineers.
Salesforce, Snap, Maxar Space and Activision Blizzard are among the high-profile companies that have disclosed plans for job cuts affecting their employees in the Bay Area, according to official filings with the state Employment Development Department.
The union, which represents nearly 96,000 California state workers, first reported a “network disruption” on Jan. 20, two days after the breach occurred. An update Monday confirmed the breach but offered few details about what data was compromised and who was affected.
The device allows law enforcement agencies to log the phone’s unique identifying information and pinpoint the phone’s location. With additional software, they’ll be able to collect the content of communications.
The PayPal announcement coincided with Block Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey following through on his commitment to widespread job cuts at the finance and payments-focused tech firm, reportedly letting go of close to 1,000 people.
Officials hope gaining access to the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System will empower tribal law enforcement to be more proactive in identifying people with domestic violence or kidnapping arrests made outside of tribal courts — and turn the tide on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Person epidemic.