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California Department of Pesticide Regulation

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation wants to hear from vendors who have information, suggestions, best practices and cost estimates for the technical resources needed to configure, deploy and maintain such a system.
Some say that in California, farmers are on the front lines of the most advanced STEM-related career fields and developments.
Technology veteran Ken Ketsdever has held a series of leadership positions in state government, including chief information officer and chief information security officer.
The Department of Pesticide Regulation is seeking a chief information officer, and the Department of Rehabilitation is recruiting for an information security and privacy officer.
“I’ve heard great things about the teams that I’ll be leading, and I look forward to working together on key projects and helping them grow to meet their personal and professional goals,” he told Industry Insider — California.
The Government Operations Agency is seeking an assistant secretary; the Department of Pesticide Regulation is recruiting for a chief information officer; and the California Earthquake Authority is looking for a chief administrative officer.
The California departments of Technology and Pesticide Regulation are looking for IT vendors to build an integrated, electronic tracking solution and will convene those interested early next week.
The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has submitted a Budget Change Proposal seeking funding to hire a vendor and design a new electronic pesticide tracking solution.
One of the positions in recruitment is for a deputy director, and the other is for an IT supervisor to oversee technology infrastructure.
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