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Vitaliy Panych.

Vitaliy Panych

State Chief Information Security Officer

Vitaliy Panych was named state chief information security officer in January. He joined state government in 2003 and has held a series of increasingly responsible positions across several departments before his current role, including with the Franchise Tax Board, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Employment Development Department.

California’s chief information security officer, Vitaliy Panych, explains how the state offers a financial incentive, known as a “bug bounty,” to encourage ethical hackers to test new products in a controlled environment.
“Leaders of tech companies and government leaders are more committed to cybersecurity than I’ve ever seen. They are taking immediate steps, working to drive collaboration between government and industry, and I believe they have assembled the right team of security ‘rock stars’ to make it work,” writes Vitaliy Panych, California’s chief information security officer.
The state’s chief information security officer, Vitaliy Panych, offers his support for a new state funding model that ensures a better cybersecurity posture in the future.